Mar 16


Luna, our company mascot

Last week we lost our friend and company mascot, Luna, the Tibetan Terrier.  When we first got her twelve and a half years ago, the breeder said that she was the runt of the litter, but also had the most personality.  There was never any doubt about that, and as she grew up with our […]

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Jan 14

Looking Backwards and Forwards

I love this time of year, but not because of the decorations, gifts, food and fun, although I like all of those things too. I love it because it is one of those quiet times for looking backwards and forwards; and reflection and redefinition. The business world slows as people take vacations and companies close […]

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Apr 09

Aquaponics in Japan

This past Monday I returned home from a 10 day trip through Japan with my son. It was a high school graduation gift for him (in part to exercise his four years of Japanese language classes) and a birthday present for me (one of those big deal birthdays that end in a zero. Can you […]

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Nov 29

A bit of a punt!

Between having a houseful of people here over Thanksgiving week and writing two other blog posts, I’m punting in this blog this week (did you catch the football reference? LOL). Instead of writing a post I’m going to link to two other posts. The first was a guest post for a very cool blog called […]

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Nov 21

Giving Thanks and Aquaponics Appreciations in 2011

As the year winds down and we prepare for my favorite American holiday, Thanksgiving, I am afforded the perfect excuse to give thanks to those who have meant so much to me, and to The Aquaponic Source, over the past year. Here goes! Alan No list of appreciation can ever start with anyone other than […]

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Nov 16

Aquaponics Fish as an Efficient Source of Protein

I’ve been doing several radio interviews a week for the past few weeks to promote my new book, Aquaponic Gardening. Radio interviews are usually fun because they are essentially conversations with very personable people about my favorite subject! Most of the hosts have read the book and they generally ask thought-provoking questions, especially around the […]

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Oct 05

Aquaponics Association 2011 Conference Highlights

The crazy thing is that I’m going to try and recap the highlights of the 2011 Aquaponics Association Conference in one blog post that can actually be read in under a half an hour. Wish me luck! Getting there – We knew it was going to be a good weekend because the airlines actually cooperated. […]

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Sep 14

Aquaponics News and Events

This week, and next, are both unusually busy and unusually exciting. I wanted to take a few minutes out of the madness and update you on what is going on in my world before you think I’ve just gone silent and forgotten to write! We held our first Aquaponic Source open house this past weekend. […]

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Aug 09

Aquaponics Vacation Reading

Over the past two weeks, our family went on our annual Lake Powell houseboat trip with my brother-in-law’s family. Vacations tend to mean different things to different people but to me, it is all about reading books. In my ‘normal’ life I tend to work until between 9:00 and 10:00 every night and then watch […]

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Jul 18

Aquaponic Gardening Book Endorsements

This past winter I discovered that writing a book is a very solitary endeavor. I was on a tight schedule that required that I write at least a thousand words a day, seven days a week, for four months. During that time every afternoon my butt was glued to what I have now come to […]

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