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Since 2009 we have been researching, developing and operating aquaponic gardens and community farms. Tawnya and JD Sawyer built and operated Flourish Farms at the Growhaus, a 3,000 sq ft aquaponic farm, managing every aspect of food production, distribution, marketing, and food safety for over five years. In 2015 we built and operated a 5,400 sq ft state of the art aquaponic greenhouse in partnership with the Mental Health Center of Denver. 

Throughout this time we have been teaching farmers, designing systems and continuously improving our farms to be the best in the industry. As proud owners of the Aquaponic Source we have assembled a great team to help design, manufacture, install and support farm systems all over North America. 

Some have claimed that aquaponics can’t be profitable at a small scale. We proved that aquaponics can be profitable with the right system, a good business plan, proper training and a resolve to overcome any obstacle. While we know that running an aquaponics farm can be rewarding it is also not without its challenges and risks. We feel it is our moral and ethical responsibility to provide honest feedback if we don’t feel aquaponics is the best solution. Ultimately our success depends on our farmers being successful. 

Video: How did we get into aquaponics? 

Our Mission is to continuously improve our farms, training and support programs so that we can provide aquaponic systems that are productive, efficient and resilient for generations to come. 

In 2015, JD and Tawnya purchased The Aquaponic Source to further provide a wide range of products, kit aquaponic systems, design and consulting services and various levels of training. Since then they have designed and installed hundreds of home and school aquaponic systems along with dozens of community and commercial farms around the US. Tawnya is actively involved with the non-profit Aquaponics Association and has also served on the advisory board for setting aquaponic standards for the Certified Naturally Grown label. She continues to be one of the strongest advocates for aquaponics in the US and has been a leading voice in working with university professors, researchers and commercial growers to ensure that aquaponic growers can maintain organic certification and food safety standards. JD continues to consult on system design and business plans for aquaponics while also delivering online courses and managing company operations.

Our wonderful team of aquaponic experts loves to engage, inspire and empower home hobby, community leaders, faith based organizations, schools and farmers everyday.

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JD Sawyer
JD SawyerCo-Owner
Tawnya Sawyer
Tawnya SawyerCo-Owner
John Von Tungeln
John Von TungelnManufacturing Lead
Rob Tolette
Rob ToletteDirector of Sales and Product Development
Mary Dewey
Mary DeweyAccounting and Officer Manager
Mike Crescitelli
Mike CrescitelliSales and Marketing


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