This page features links to important websites, research papers, grant opportunities, downloads, and videos that may be helpful towards advancing your knowledge and success in aquaponics.

Page notes: Page launched on 5/12 and in the early stages of development. Check back frequently for more updates.

Grant Opportunities in Aquaponics

USDA Launches Innovative Ag Office – Announces $3M Grants

Farm Resources

Food Safety and E. coli in Aquaponic and Hydroponic Systems

USDA voluntary GAP Program

Aquaculture Resources

Regional Aquaculture Centers – There are five RACs located throughout the country, and each produces valuable research reports, fact sheets, and other publications that are of interest to fish culturists.

World Aquaculture Society – The World Aquaculture Society (WAS) plays an important role in assuring the progressive development of aquaculture worldwide by meeting the increased global demand for science-based information and technology.

Aquaponic Resources

The Aquaponics Association – The Aquaponics Association promotes the benefits of aquaponics through education, conferences, and outreach.

FAO Aquaponic Design manual– This design manual is great for people wanting to get a better understanding of small-scale aquaponic systems.

Decoupled Aquaponics – A Comparison to Single Loop Aquaponics, New Mexico State University

Important Water Quality Parameters in Aquaponics