Mar 18


Aquaponics System Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

5 Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Systems To Get Ready for Spring It’s that time of year for Spring cleaning, time to refresh your aquaponic system and make it more abundant and attractive. Here is a quick run down for a super spring time aquaponic spruce up. Step 1: Improve Water Quality – If your fish […]

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Jan 10

When & Why to use Artificial Grow Lights

One of the greatest benefits of aquaponic farming is the ability to grow fresh produce year-round, even when other growers in your area are shut down for the winter. This puts the aquaponic farmer in a unique position to be the only local supplier in a market with high demand, which increases revenue for the […]

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Nov 09

The Effects of Water Temperature in Aquaponics

The Effects of Water Temperature in Aquaponics Today we’re going to expand on the idea of water temperature in your aquaponics system, and describe how temperature affects water quality and its relation to fish and plant growth. Temperature  Temperature is a measure of how fast the molecules in a substance are moving; the faster they […]

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Jan 29

Aquaponics and the Farm Bill – Please take action to show your support

Having been founding members of the Aquaponic Association, we encourage everyone throughout the aquaponic industry to encourage congress to recognize aquaponics as a innovative, safe and viable food production method of the future. The Aquaponic Association has put together a recommendation letter that it will be submitting to congress on January 31. The entire letter […]

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Oct 03

The Key Elements of a Healthy Water Environment

The Key Elements of a Healthy Water Environment Water is THE lifeblood of your aquaponic system. It helps move the fish waste out of the tank into the filter and brings new fresh water to your fish. It recirculates nutrients from the filtration to the plants. Warm, nutrient-rich water provides the perfect environment for the […]

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Sep 13

Aquaponics to be CERTIFIED as Organic?

I know what you are probably thinking…aquaponics is already organic, so what’s the call for help all about? We all know that aquaponics is about building a flourishing ecosystem, reducing resource consumption, and growing incredibly nutritious food. Those are givens. But as an industry, the opportunity for aquaponics to be CERTIFIED as organic is under […]

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Aug 24

5 Strategies for Getting Started in Aquaponics as a Business

If taking your aquaponics hobby to the next level sounds like a dream come true, then you are on the path to becoming an aquaponic farmer. But, you may be wondering, where do you begin. Having been an aquaponic hobbyist and farmer since 2010 JD and I continue to be passionate about sharing our knowledge […]

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Aug 09

ButterCrunch Farms Eagle, CO

In the fall of 2016 we had the pleasure of building a custom aquaponics farm for Robert and Peri Berman of Eagle, CO. Robert and Peri did things right from the start and here is a little about their journey. Starting Small Peri and Robert had a vision to build an aquaponics farm to provide […]

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Jul 20

10 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

Summer is an exciting growing season both inside and out – in the garden and the greenhouse.  The extended light and the rising temperatures bring both benefits and challenges to your aquaponic system. It’s important to note the changes the heat will bring and how it will impact your plants and fish. We have created a list of the […]

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