Growasis 4-Tier Nursery & Microgreen System


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Optimize your growing potential! This vertical hydroponic nursery and microgreen system packs 32 ft² of plant production into only 8 ft² of floor space. Using automated watering and state of the art LEDs, you can be certain that your plants are getting the best start possible.

Available on backorder


Growasis 4-Tier Nursery & Microgreen System

Our newly developed nursery system for our farms! Designed to maximize plant production in the smallest floor space possible, the Growasis 4-Tier Nursery & Microgreen system occupies a floor space of only 8 ft², but has 32 ft² of production space!  The nursery is a fully automated hydroponic system with state of the art full-spectrum LED lighting included as standard.  Each of the four 2′ x 4′ growing trays flood and drains automatically and can be set to any desired watering schedule.  Each level has independent flow and lighting control so you can turn off the lights or water flow if you are not using a tier.

Tiers can hold (4) standard 10″ x 20″ seedling trays, for a total of 16 trays per system or 2,048 seedlings at once!  Or, use your desired microgreen flats for a combination of microgreens and seedlings in the same system.  The system is also perfect for rooting cuttings and clones, giving you the power to start just about any type of plant.


  • 4 tiers of plant production – 32 ft² of production space!
  • Versatile! Grow seedlings, microgreens, clones, and more
  • Automated hydroponic system – Plants are fed automatically – Use your aquaponic system nutrients or traditional hydroponic nutrients.
  • 20 gallon reservoir for your nutrient solution
  • Full-spectrum, low-profile LED lighting – optimized spectrum and intensity for seed starting and microgreens
  • Water pump, aeration system, timers, wiring, and plumbing components all included
  • Instruction manual included

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