Twist Plant Tie – 50 meters, 164 ft


Perfect for securing plants to trellis netting, stakes, or other supports. Plastic coated for gardening and outdoor use. Perfect for securing plants to trellis netting, bamboo stakes, or other supports without damaging the delicate stems and plant tissue. The twist plant tie is plastic coated to gently secure plants and has it’s own cutting tool built in to the dispenser.

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Twist Plant Tie – 50 meters, 164 ft

How Twist Plant Ties Work:

Pull out desired tie length from dispenser, cut using the included cutter, wrap around branch and securing structure, twist to tie. By securing plants during the early stages of plant development, growers ensure heavy harvests and rapid growth do not disturb optimal plant structure formation.  Experience proves that vast amounts of precious crops are saved with each harvest cycle when employing the Twist Tie.

  • 50 meters, 164 feet.
  • Super strong, plastic-coated twist tie allows for easy and quick attaching of vines, stems, small branches, and saplings to more secure structures to ensure controlled and measured growth.
  • Securing stems, vines, and branches to bamboo, stakes, and trellises


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