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The Aquaponic Source is the #1 source for school aquaponics. We provide everything from turnkey aquaponic systems suitable for any size classroom or school garden to educational materials to a full range of proven & tested aquaponics supplies.


“I can’t thank you and your team enough for making the Riverbend project a success. I gave a tour of the system to a group of adults who were at Riverbend for a farm to table dinner, last week and the reaction was exactly what we wanted. One of the exciting comments for me was how clean and professional the system looked. It turned out extremely well!”


Aquaponics in Education

AquaBundance SpaceSaver – Aquaponics in a New York City elementary school

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Chinese Proverb

“Teach the children to grow plants with fish and you will feed the world”

The Aquaponic Source

School aquaponics is an extraordinary tool for educators. Aquaponic gardens bring science and ecology to life by showing a living, breathing example of what can happen when people work with nature to grow their food.

Here is a partial list of some of the lessons that can be taught through school aquaponic gardening:



  • Biology – What role does nitrifying bacteria play in aquaponics? Where does it come from?
  • Physics – How does water move throughout the system? What light spectrums grow plants best?
  • Chemistry – What happens to the uptake of iron in plants if pH gets too high? How is oxygen in the water affected by temperature?
  • Horticulture – What does a plant need in order to grow properly?
  • Zoology – What do fish need in order to grow properly?
  • Ecology – What happens if a eco-system becomes out of balance? What role do composting red worms play in aquaponics?
  • Nutrition – What is the difference between freshly picked food you grew yourself and food from the grocery store?

Resources for Educators

Here are just some of the school aquaponic products offered by The Aquaponic Source that you may want to consider adding to your teaching environment.

  • AquaUrban SpaceSaver Aquaponic Gardening System – This compact aquaponic gardening system isschool aquaponics - AquaBundance Aquaponic Gardening System perfect for the classroom. It comes with everything you need to get started growing, and its sturdy construction insures many years of year-round gardening education.
  • Curriculum – We offer curriculum sets for both school and home schooling environments
  • Videos – We offer several videos, including a course on aquaponics being taught at the Denver Botanic Gardens. A perfect teaching tool!

Grants for Plants

Grants for Plants
Grants for Plants is a foundation, administered by The Aquaponic Source, that supports teachers who wish to bring school aquaponics to their students as a teaching tool and healthy, sustainable food source.

Some of the schools we have worked with…

Cincinnati Hills Christian AcademyWe’d like to help with your School Aquaponics System!

We know that educational budgets are tight these days, and we’d like to help out. If you are a school or a 501(c)(3) organization involved with children please contact us at to learn more about our Educational Discount program for school aquaponics.

8 thoughts on “School Aquaponics

  1. Hello, my name is Chris Mojica. I’ve been studying aquaponics via online forums for the past year or so. I’m interested in going to school to make this a career, however I live in California and I can’t seem to find any courses that involve aquaponics. My question is, could you recommended an online course or if you know of one in the Los angeles area.

    1. Chris, I am starting my path into aquaponics, but still do not know anything. Would you be so kind to send me links of the courses you have been making and perhaps some useful links you might remember? my email is

    2. Hello Chris,

      We offer an on-line aquaponics course for beginners, called Aquaponic Gardening. You can find it on our website here:, As for courses from accredited universities, there are a handful of colleges offering undergrad and graduate courses in aquaponics. A quick google search revealed courses at: Kentucky State and Brunswick Community College (online). Some Universities teach aquaponics as part of their sustainable agriculture classes. So, I’d call the horticulture departments at colleges in your area to see if they have an aquaponics system or know of a university that does. UC-Berkeley is a good place to start.

    1. Well, it’s just a matter of time. Setting up a system may be a great way to get some interest going. We also have several resources including online videos to help get you started.

  2. Do you have any high school curriculum? Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, and IPC and would love to use aquaponics to hit standards in all classes.

    1. Hi Mandi! We have an Introduction Curriculum and Complete Curriculum that cater to 3rd through 6th grade. However, the Aquaponic Gardening Book could serve as a great resource for high school students. Take a look at these options on our website here. Feel free email us at or call 855-285-4252 if you have further questions! All the best, Kari @ The Aquaponic Source

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