Snap Clamps for Duraskrim Liner


Easily finish your DWC trough with these snap clamps for duraskrim liner. These 4ft PVC snap clamps fit any 1″ pipe size to attach dura-skrim liner, screens, fabrics, and tarps.


These snap clamps for dura-skrim liner measure 4ft long and 1in wide. They are UV protected, furniture grade and fit all Sch 40, 80, class 200 and other pipe material. The clamps are used in all of our Growasis deep water culture systems.

snapclamps being put onto duraskrim liner

Easy To Snap On

Due to their strong gripping power, these clamps quickly and effortlessly snap onto any 1″ underlying pipe to secure your liner or fabric to the frame.

snapclamps on plastic liner

Easy To Fit

Although durable, these clamps can be cut down to size when smaller pieces are needed. A good pair of ratchet PVC cutters can easily cut these down to the preferred size without splintering the clamps plastic body.

Professional Fit

The snap clamps aren’t just for securing the liner to the frame. They can also tidy up the skirt by clamping the liner to the bottom of the frame.

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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