Gunni Gal Aquaponic Farm Visit

We visited Gunni Gal Aquaponics to check in a year after we built a custom sized Flourish Farm

Blackbird Aquaponic Farm  Georgia

Rob walks you through Blackbird Farm featuring a Growasis Elevated DWC with room to grow!

Gunni Gal Aquaponic Farm Install

Tour a Flourish Aquaponic Farm in a 30′ x 80′ Ceres passive solar greenhouse in Gunnison, CO

5 Minute Tour of the MHCD Greenhouse

Tawnya tours the 5,400 sq ft aquaponic greenhouse at the Mental Health Center of Denver.

Farm Wild Aquaponics Washington

Take a tour of a custom Flourish Farm Aquaponic System in a solar greenhouse with Brian Rusk of Farm Wild

East Providence High School

Mike and Luke take you on a tour through this 8 bed L-shaped Aquabundance Modular aquaponic system.

Custom Flourish Farm Build

Walk through a custom Flourish Farm Aquaponic System with system designer, Rob Tolette

Educational Videos

Aquaponic Greenhouse Design Considerations

JD presents a high level overview of important considerations, layout ideas and recent projects to help you plan your aquaponic greenhouse

Artificial Lighting Considerations

Rob discusses how light interacts with plants and reviews important measurements and lighting considerations in aquaponics

Aquaponic Plant Management Tips

Tawnya discusses some important tips and considerations for successful management of your aquaponic crop

Why are my fish dying?

Fish die… it happens. Tawnya explores the many reasons why fish die and shares some real life stories. This video is part of the online fish course.

Aquaponics and Food Deserts

In this interview at the GrowHaus, JD discusses the aquaponic farm, the business and its role in supporting a food desert neighborhood

Ceres Passive Solar Greenhouse

JD walks through some of the key environmental systems in an energy efficient Ceres Greenhouse.

The Mental Health Center of Denver

The Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-being is a preschool, urban farm, dental and mental health care center, all in one.

Financial Planning for Aquaponic Farming

JD presents critical financial planning tips and tools for creating your aquaponic farm business plan at the 2019 AA conference

Product Videos

Fine Tuning Your Endurance Filter

Learn the tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Endurance Bead Filter in your Aquaponic System

Using the API Master Test Kit

Tawnya demonstrates how to properly test pH, Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates in your aquaponic system

Aquabundance Modular Systems

JD walks through some of the important features of the Aquabundance Modular Home Aquaponic System

What can your Aquabundance Grow?

Tawnya talks about the most common types of fish and plants that you can grow in your Aquabundance System

Aquaponics AI Monitoring Software Overview

Learn how to use the new Aquaponics AI software to track system data, schedule tasks and manage your system from anywhere

Installing your AquaUrban System

Ellis and Delaney show you how easy it is to put together the AquaUrban 60 Gallon Aquaponic System for your home or school!