Single Outlet Analog Timer


This grounded timer is perfect for timing a typical 15 minutes on / 45 minutes off aquaponic flood and drain cycle for your media beds. It has many great applications including lighting, pumps, etc. for all your needs.

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Single Outlet Analog Timer


Just simply this grounded timer into any outlet and then plug your pump or grow light into it to achieve your desired operation schedule. The timer has a maximum capacity of 15 amps / 1725 watts. Program the timer on’s and off’s in 15-minute increments. Timers are essential for all aquaponic, hydroponic, and lighting system applications.

Product Details:

  • 15 minute on/off increments
  • 15A/1725W
  • Great for lighting, pumps, etc.
  • UL-listed
  • 9″L x 4.1″W x 2.3″H

Timer Instructions

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