Aquaponics Explained (DVD)


Can you imagine growing Tilapia, Perch, or Trout in your backyard?  How about growing your vegetable garden without soil by using the fish water?  Welcome to aquaponics, an entirely re-imagined way to garden!  Join us for this full-length Aquaponics Explained DVD course taught by aquaponics expert Sylvia Bernstein.  This video isn’t about entertaining graphics and expensive videography but rather about good, solid aquaponics education. Normally this class costs $75 – $100 to attend, but now you can watch it in the comfort of your home for a fraction of that price!

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Aquaponics Explained (DVD)

More About the Aquaponics Explained (DVD):

Join us for this full-length aquaponics course taught by former Aquaponic Source founder Sylvia Bernstein.  Sylvia explains the basics of Aquaponics in her warm, approachable style filmed in June 2012 at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

In this course, you will learn not only how to build and operate your own home aquaponics system, but also how aquaponics came about, what types of aquaponic systems are currently available, and how they are being used in a global context.

  • 4+ hours of instruction
  • 2 DVD set


  • Disc 1
    • Intro to Aquaponics
    • The Plan
    • The System
    • The Hardware
  • Disc 2
    • The Hardware (continued)
    • The Software
    • The Integrated System
    • System Maintenance


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