The Aquaponic Source Moves to Boulder

By: Tawnya Sawyer

The Aquaponic Source is moving from Longmont to Boulder, to expand production and distribution, while a new facility is under construction in Lafayette, CO. The Aquaponic Source is also hosting a large garage sale on Oct 22, 2016.

The Aquaponic Source located in Longmont, is moving its business office, production and distribution facilities to Boulder, November 1, 2016. After five years in the Longmont area, the move is designed to focus efforts on increasing sales and collaborations with urban farmers, home and hobby growers, homesteaders, preppers and schools. While the Longmont location included a retail front end, over 98% of the business is e-commerce sales through the website with customers located all over the world. Zoning will prevent any retail store front in the new location, however will call pickup for local customers on website orders will still be an option. Aquaponic Gardener Profile
“We are all about helping empower people to grow their own food”, says Tawnya Sawyer, Co-owner of The Aquaponic Source and Colorado Aquaponics. “We stay true to our passion of growing fish and plants together naturally, and helping others do the same thru education, products and consulting services.”
The increase in production and distribution space will allow for greater capacity in assembly and shipping modular aquaponic systems that are commonly installed in homes, offices and schools. The Aquaponic Source is also launching a new line of community-scale aquaponic farm systems which are designed to integrate into several different common greenhouse models. Most notably, The Aquaponic Source has partnered with another Boulder-based company Ceres Greenhouse to deliver integrated designs that pair space-efficient, hybrid aquaponic systems with high-performance super-energy efficient year-round greenhouses.
In preparation for the move, The Aquaponic Source is hosting a major garage sale on October 22, 2016 from 9am – 3pm in Longmont at 1860 Lefthand Circle, Suite E. This event will offer deep discounts on many of their display and lab systems, used equipment, discontinued items, and lots of aquaponics parts and components that have been collected over the years. Tanks, growbeds, lighting, nutrients, pest management products, pumps, aeration, media, and office equipment is available for sale.
“We would rather sell it than move it,” Tawnya quips as the team works through the logistics of getting everything moved without interruptions in orders. “This is the perfect time to move, creating a really efficient new work space for team members, and get settled in before the holiday traffic really picks up in late November.”
The move to Boulder is only temporary, as Tawnya and JD Sawyer are purchasing land in Vista Business Park, in Lafayette, Co. The bigger vision plan for 2017 is to construct a brand new facility which will include production, distribution, office, classroom space and a farm scale aquaponic greenhouse to produce food for the local community. Having operated three different aquaponic greenhouses in the Denver area as Colorado Aquaponics, the couple is excited to demonstrate a working model that can be replicated in retirement centers, universities, business parks, housing developments and anywhere that people can gain value from producing their food locally.
About Colorado Aquaponics, Flourish Farms and The Aquaponic Source
Colorado Aquaponics was founded in 2009 by JD and Tawnya Sawyer. What began as a passion at home to grow more food for their family, quickly grew out into a community where they partnered with the GrowHaus a non-profit located in Northeast Denver food desert community. Together they focus on various forms of food production, education and distribution along with a variety of other community services. Flourish Farm their community scale aquaponic farm started in Arvada and was moved to the GrowHaus after renovations were completed. The 3,000 sq ft facility has grown over 65,000 pounds of salad and cooking greens, vegetables, fruits alongside tilapia, stripped bass, catfish, perch, bluegill, and koi. Crops are sold to the neighborhood and to local restaurants and markets within a 5 mile radius. Free tours are offered at the GrowHaus, 4751 York St in Denver every Friday and Saturday at 10am. Building and operating the community scale aquaponic farm has given JD and Tawnya the opportunity to prove that this innovative farming method is socially appropriate, environmentally responsible, and financially viable, the perfect triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. They have collect immense amounts of data, performed extensive research and development, trained hundreds of hobbyist and future farmers and work hard every day to empower others with knowledge, products and services to grow their own food. In 2015, the Sawyer’s acquired The Aquaponic Source in Longmont, to complete their product offering with a full range of systems, components, fish feed, education materials and more to support this fast growing industry. In addition, the team designed, constructed and operates a 5,000 sq ft aquaponics greenhouse located at the Mental Health Center of Denver Dahlia Campus. For more information, check out their website at and

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