With the new online greenhouse course completed and the coming of spring, it’s a good time to get plans in place right now if you are looking to build a greenhouse this year. Depending on the size of your greenhouse the actual construction process may only take a few weeks. However, the planning and preparation can take months or even years to complete. Often times people come to us around this time of year looking to have an aquaponic greenhouse up and running by April or May. In order to do so here are some important items to consider so you can have the best chance of getting your project off to a good start.


  • Thoroughly assess your personal or business goals. Is this for hobby or family use? For profit? For research? How much do you want to produce?
  • Review your property’s zoning and building code requirements
  • Review local business and licensing regulations that could influence the type of business activities you are able to conduct on the property
  • Develop a rough idea of the size of greenhouse you need. We can help you with this!
  • Develop a master plan for your greenhouse and surrounding property. This should include an orientation and lighting study, soils test, utilities, water, access and parking requirements to name a few.
  • Work with your greenhouse manufacturer for help with building plans, orientation, foundations, flooring, HVAC controls and glazing recommendations.
  • Get bids from greenhouse suppliers and make sure they include delivery and installation costs along with an estimated timeline. Greenhouse companies may already be several months out before they can manufacture, deliver and install your building.

It probably seems overwhelming because it is. The new online greenhouse course will really help those of you who have a vision for an aquaponic greenhouse but don’t know how to get started. We are here to help you.

Happy Farming,


p.s.  If you are not ready to take the full online course, check out this video on aquaponic greenhouse design considerations.