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AquaParts Plumbing Kits

Not a Plumber?  No Problem!

We’ve created an AquaParts Aquaponic Plumbing Kit for every aquaponic aspiration!


Timer-Based grow bed drainage – This is the easiest of our kits to set up. Our AquaParts T1 and T2 kits come with ¾” fittings and tubing, and a timer, so that you can set up your aquaponics system in just minutes. This is also the kit type you should choose if you have a grow bed(s) that is less than 12” deep.

Siphon-Based grow bed drainage – Say good-bye to timers, which can fail and your pump will thank you for not turning it on and off, which can shorten its life. All of our siphon-based kits require grow beds that are at least 12” deep. A properly designed and tuned bell siphon can function for years with very little intervention as there are no mechanical parts to fail.

Why might I need a sump tank? – You should use a sump tank as soon as the volume of your grow bed(s) exceeds the volume of your fish tank. Why? Well, let’s take the example of a 100 gallon fish tank and a grow bed that also holds 100 gallons when empty. Once you fill that grow bed with grow media it will hold about 40% of its original volume, or 40 gallons of water. So now, every time you fill (or “flood”) your grow bed you will be drawing 40 gallons of water from your 100 gallon fish tank. Not too bad.

Now let’s add a second 100 gallon grow bed. With two 100-gallon grow beds, you will be drawing 80 gallons of water from your 100 gallon fish tank! Your fish won’t be too happy about losing 80% of their aquatic home every time you flood the grow beds. At this point you need to involve a sump tank.

We have two AquaParts Sump-Tank Kits from which to choose – either SS2 or SS3. These kits route the water flow in and out of a sump tank so that the fish tank remains at a constant height. With a sump-based kit, you can expand the ratio of your grow bed(s) volume to your fish tank volume all the way up to 3:1.

Fitting Sizes – Sump-based AquaParts Kits use 1” PVC plumbing parts, non-sump-based kits use ¾” plumbing parts and flexible vinyl tubing.

Every AquaParts Plumbing Kit comes with 3D renderings and instructions that are easy to follow making assembly a breeze.  

And consider getting a DELUXE kit that comes complete with a variety of accessories you will need to get started…all for 15% less than you would pay if you purchased them individually!

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