AquaParts T2 Aquaponics Plumbing Kit


Timer-based grow bed drainage

You don’t need to be a plumbing expert to get started in aquaponics!  We’ve assembled this inexpensive aquaponics plumbing kit so you can easily connect two grow beds and a fish tank* to quickly create an aquaponics system.

(*The total volume of the fish tank and the two grow beds combined should be approximately equal.)


AquaParts T2 Aquaponics Plumbing Kit

How the AquaParts T2 Aquaponics Plumbing Kit works:

This kit has all the plumbing parts you need to build a thriving aquaponic system out of two grow beds and fish tank.  That could be any of the following:

  • Two AquaBundance EasyReach Grow Beds and a Modular 90 Gallon Fish Tank
  • Two IBC totes, with one cut in half for the grow beds and the other serving as the fish tank
  • Three 100 gallon Rubbermaid Stock Tanks
  • Any other food-safe, watertight containers your imagination can come up with!

Product Details: 

  • T2 = Timer based drainage, 2-Beds

What’s included:

  • Step-by-step set of instructions to guide you.  This fully illustrated manual takes you through the entire project in detail, including how to size and select grow beds and tanks, how to assemble your system, how to start it, and how to maintain it for optimal performance.
  • A 15- minute increment Timer
  • 15′ of vinyl tubing
  • All the valves, bulkheads, t-connectors, and elbows you will need  
  • Pump not included

Wholesale Minimum Quantity: 2

Instruction Manual

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