Aquaponic Basics Training


Please visit our online classes page to view our currently available classes. Courses taught at our farms in Denver, CO are on hold due to Covid-19. We look forward to hosting in-person workshops again soon.    JD & Tawnya

Our Aquaponic Basics Training class is geared toward people who are new to aquaponics and might want to build their own aquaponic system but don’t know where to begin.  In this class, we will dive into growing fish and plants, managing water quality and system cycling. We will also spend time with aquaponic hardware – fish tanks, growbeds, pumps, aeration and so much more.

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Aquaponic Basics Training

More Info About Aquaponic Basics Training:

You can spend endless hours watching YouTube videos to piece together your aquaponics system…and discover many flaws in your system that don’t lead to the kind of results you expected.  Perhaps you have attempted a home system and are close to to giving up,  assuming aquaponics isn’t for you.

Instead, invest in proper education in this full day of high-quality, focused education from aquaponic farmers and experts, JD and Tawnya Sawyer, and the team from The Aquaponic Source.  You will be equipped for food growing success and you certainly won’t regret it.

What You Will Learn During the Aquaponic Basics Training:

We will provide in-depth coverage of the system components and activities necessary to start building an aquaponics system, successfully cycle it and optimize growing:

  • Benefits of Aquaponics
  • Fish and Plant selection and health
  • System cycling, bacteria, and the nitrification cycle
  • System Design Ratios
  • Different system designs: flood and drain, deep water culture, and vertical systems
  • Fish tanks, growbeds, media, pumps, aerators, plumbing fittings and all other components
  • Planning your location
  • System management and optimization

(Single ticket – $95, Two-person discount – $180)



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