Aquaponic Farm System Design Online Course


In this aquaponic system design course we will create a farm system from scratch in a 30 x 96 sq ft greenhouse using foundational principles of aquaponic system design. The Aquaponic Components Course is a prerequisite course.



Aquaponic Farm System Design Course Syllabus

The Aquaponic System Design class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course. It is highly recommended that you take the aquaponic components online course prior to the system design class so you have a solid understanding of the major components that are used in the design class. The class will build on the components course and dive into the key variables and relationships that determine how the fish, plants, filtration, plumbing and aeration systems connect together to create a fully functioning aquaponic farm system. The class primarily focuses on the deep water culture growing method and will design a system in a 30 x 96 greenhouse space. At the end of the course you have a full system design with production metrics and you will know how to design a system at different scales by following the core principles reviewed in the course.

Module 1 Introduction and Learning Objectives
Unit 1 Introduction and Planning Considerations  
Unit 2 Things that influence Production and Profit  
Module 2 Feeding and Design Principles
Unit 1 Principles and Research  
Unit 2 DWC Layout Plan  
Unit 3 Estimating production  
Module 3 Design Calculations
Unit 1 Feed and Fish Production  
Unit 2 Staggered Stocking Method  
Unit 3 Fish Tank Flow Rates  
Module 4 Filtration Considerations and Design
Unit 1 Solids Removal  
Unit 2 Mineralization  
Unit 3 Biological Filtration  
Unit 4 Filtration Layout and Additional Considerations  
Unit 5 Sump Tanks  
Module 5 Coupled and Decoupled Systems
Unit 1 Coupled and Decoupled Concepts  
Module 6 Plant System Planning and Design
Unit 1 Nursery and Transplanting Systems  
Module 7 Purge and Quarantine
Unit 1 Purge and Quarantine  
Module 8 Aeration System Planning and Design
Unit 1 Aeration System Design and Layout  
Module 9 System Design Review
Unit 1 Final layout and options  

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