Aquaponics Complete Curriculum Set


Aquaponics Curriculum designed for grades 3 – 6. Bring your classroom to life with this Aquaponics complete curriculum set! Teach your elementary students all about Aquaponics, complete with presentations, study guides, quizzes, and everything else you’ll need for the teacher and student.

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Aquaponics Complete Curriculum Set

More About the Aquaponics Complete Curriculum Set:

24 Hours of Lessons to Integrate Aquaponics Into Your Classroom or Homeschool Environment!

An in-depth, 24-lesson exploration of aquaponics for 3rd through 6th-grade students, the Aquaponics Complete Curriculum Set helps young minds delve deeply into an ecosystem of fish & plants. Teach your students how aquaponics is used to feed people around the world all while learning science, art, physics, humanities, and math. This curriculum has been school tested, teacher approved and it supports the Colorado Life Science Academic Standards.

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The “Complete” set includes:

  • Teacher Section
    • Everything educators need to know before teaching an aquaponics lesson, including
    • Lesson objective – clearly defining the goal of each lesson
    • Lesson materials – no need to figure out your material list, it’s all here
    • Background information: includes additional info on aquaponics not covered in student lesson
    • 18 power point presentations to complement the 18 “in-depth” lessons
    • Assessment answer key
  • Student Section
    • Vocabulary: averaging 4-6 terms each lesson
    • Lesson & Discussion: each lesson starts with a question relating to setting up your classroom aquaponic system
    • Activities: covering art, science, & social studies
    • Extensions: additional activities for those students who need more challenging work
    • Assessments: testing student knowledge at the end of each lesson

The “Introduction” lessons cover:

  1. Introduction to Aquaponics
  2. How & Why to Cycle Bacteria
  3. How to Choose Your Fish
  4. How to Choose Your Plants
  5. How to Choose Lighting for Your Plants
  6. Why We Add Worms

The “Complete” Lessons cover:

  1. pH & Plants
  2. Parts of Plants
  3. Seeds
  4. The Plant Life Cycle
  5. Plant Classification
  6. Dissolved Oxygen
  7. Parts of Fish
  8. The Life Cycle of Fish
  9. Fish Metabolism
  10. Fish Care
  11. Aquaculture
  12. Grow Media vs. Soil
  13. Bacteria
  14. Worms
  15. Wetlands
  16. Ecosystems
  17. Sustainability
  18. Climate & Agriculture

Some sample lessons:

Complete Curriculum Table of Contents

Lesson 2: Adding Bacteria Lesson 16: Fish Metabolism

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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