Jack Ikard

The Story of AquaSprouts

Meet Jack Ikard. A young gentleman with a passion to feed minds and fuel curiosity with aquaponics. Jack was introduced to aquaponics by his environmental science teacher during his junior year of high school and was quickly enthralled by the concept. After experimenting with many outdoor systems built with materials from around the house, he thought that everyone with an aquarium should have an aquaponics system. And so began the birth of the AquaSprouts Garden.

kids with aquasproutsDuring Jacks’ sophomore year of college, he collaborated with a group of colleagues to help launch a Kickstarter campaign for the Garden. Their goal was one hundred thousand dollars but they only raised thirty thousand. Although the campaign fell short, many people reached out to Jack due to the exposure he gained, including retail partners in Japan and Sylvia Bernstein, previous owner of The Aquaponic Source. Sylvia furthermore worked alongside Jack to launch another Kickstarter campaign with a lower goal. The funds were successfully raised the second time around and the AquaSprouts team was able to create all of the necessary plastic injection molds needed. Finally they were able to begin their production run and start shipping units to eager aquapons. Since their campaign on Kickstarter, they have seen over a 225% increase in revenue. The AquaSprouts team is in the process of pursuing retail chains across the US and Canada and are currently even selling their garden kits as far as Japan.

“The AquaSprouts Garden allows the user to be introduced to aquaponics in a simple,yet innovative, way. Our system upcycles old aquariums and brings new life to the fish tank. With the help of The Aquaponic Source and a seasoned design company, we have created one of the most efficient and stylish desktop aquaponic systems on the market.,” said Jack Ikard, AquaSprouts Founder.

Jack now works with his small yet highly motivated team to help transform standard 10-gallon aquariums into thriving aquaponic systems. They are now renting an office and warehouse space where they house inventory and a grow lab for research and development.

The AquaSprouts team want the Garden to be more than just a product. They want to provide a platform for their customers to explore aquaponAquaSproutsPhoto2ics and see how its synthesis of natural science and technology can change the world. The AquaSprouts is a miniaturized, living lesson in sustainability in a world where the concept becomes more important every day. This concept can come to life in the home, office, and classroom. The belief in a better future is one key reason Jack and the team at The Aquaponic Source  place an emphasis on bringing aquaponics and curriculum kits to classrooms around the globe. We asked Jack how he defines success, “ Success to me is about continuously pursuing something you love while having the control to make a direct impact on something bigger than yourself.” And we couldn’t agree more here at The Aquaponic Source.

Join us in the exciting world of aquaponics by introducing the AquaSprouts Garden to your home, office, or classroom!