Aquaponics Easy-Reach 50 Gallon Grow Bed


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A great-sized grow bed for your home aquaponics system.  Set it up as a media or deep water culture bed.  Perfect grow bed for greenhouses! Made from food-grade, high-density ABS plastic with built-in UV inhibitors to avoid color fading and break-down from the harsh sunlight.  Suitable for growing all of your greens, herbs, and fruiting plants.

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Aquaponics Easy-Reach 50 Gallon Grow Bed

This 50 gallon grow bed is perfect for your aquaponic system! Use as a media bed or deep water culture bed.  You can even link multiple beds together for a larger system.  12″ depth is perfect for creating a media bed with plenty of space for your plant’s roots to grow.  ABS plastic is food safe and resists UV degradation outdoors or in a greenhouse environment. We tested this bed using clay media and flood and drain during the summer in Colorado (see image above) and it never bowed!

Product details:

(This product is available only in the U.S. and Canada.)

  • The 3′ outer edge to inner edge reach is the maximum width most adults can comfortably reach across.
  • Perfect for when you want to line up grow beds side by side against a wall or window rather than being forced to access them on three sides as you would with our wider bed.
  • Extra thick food-safe, ABS plastic designed to never bow under the heat and weight of outdoor aquaponic gardening.
  • Exterior dimensions stack easily on a pallet (13″ deep, top rim 40×40, bottom 29×29)
  • Interior dimensions 34″ x 34″ x 12″ create approximately 8 sq ft of growing space and 50 gallons of volume
  • 1 Easy-Reach Aquaponics Grow Bed for every 25-50 gallons of fish tank
  • Each Easy-Reach Grow Bed takes 4.5 40-liter bags of Grow!t Grow Media

Does not include Plumbing, Fittings, Media Guard, Media Pre-drilled holes

This product is shipped via freight on a pallet.  We will contact you with a shipping quote once your order is placed. Your order will not ship until you have agreed to the shipping charge.

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