AquaUp pH Raising Kit


To maximize your plant growth, the pH of your aquaponic fish tank water should be 6.8 – 7.0. AquaUp pH Raising Kit feeds your plants calcium and potassium as it safely raises pH to optimum levels. Product comes in 1lb, 2 lb, 5lb and 10lb quantities.


AquaUp pH Raising Kit

How AquaUp pH Raising Kit works:

Calcium and Potassium provide nutrients for the plants as well as a carbonate source needed for the nitrification process. Some water sources already have high levels of carbonates (Alkalinity) and therefore they will rarely need supplementation. This is apparent because the pH remains at or above 7 with water top offs and often there is a white chalky or crispy residue around the edges of the pipes or water line. When the carbonates decline, pH will decline and become more acidic. AquaUp, works to increase pH because it provides a carbonate source to replace what is being consumed by the plants and bacteria. If it is not available or supplemented in some way, pH will eventually crash acidifying the water and causing fish health issues.

Alternating Calcium at one supplement and then Potassium at a different time is a good way to balance the nutrients and ensure that are most readily absorbed by the plants.

To find out how much to use in your system we recommend a technique called titration.

  1. Take 1 gallon of water from your tank
  2. Add a measured amount of one of the bagged powders
  3. Stir until dissolved
  4. Test the water pH level.
  5. Repeat until you figure out how much of the AquaUp product you need to increase the pH to the target level.
  6. Multiply that by the number of gallons in your system to determine a full dosing.

When using AquaUp for the first time, it is important to adjust slowly, a little at a time. The quantity necessary to adjust pH will vary depending on the nature of the grow media and the carbonate level of the water in the system. Rapid changes in pH can be harmful to fish so plan to make adjustments over several hours or days. If the water chemistry if very acidic, additions may need to be added multiple times a week to maintain the buffer and provide adequate nutrients for the plants.

Product Details:

AquaUp pH Raising Kit feeds your plants calcium and potassium as it safely raises and maintains pH.

To maximize plant growth, the pH of your aquaponic fish tank water should be 6.8 – 7.0.  pH can reach unacceptably low levels as a natural result of the nitrification process occurring in your aquaponics system so it is expected that you will need to maintain the pH by topping off water, or adding AquaUp from time to time.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate and Potassium Carbonate

Storage: Avoid mixing the contents of the two bags. Store in a cool, dry area.

Handling: Avoid breathing dust. Wash thoroughly after handling. Do not reuse containers.

Caution: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact wash from skin or eyes with plenty of water for several minutes. If swallowed, call your physician or Poison Control Center. Proper use, storage, and disposal is the responsibility of the user.



Calcium Carbonate MSDS Potassium Carbonate MSDS

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