Hydrologic Replacement Carbon Filter for Tall Boy


Don’t forget to change your filter! The Tall Boy Carbon filters will purify your water source effectively! Your fish, bacteria, and plants will thank you with a bountiful harvest and superior quality.


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Hydrologic Replacement Carbon Filter for Tall Boy

How the Hydrologic Replacement Carbon Filter for Tall Boy Works:

  • Reduces up to 99% of chlorine, sulfur, iron, heavy metals, rust, and silt
  • Rated at 2 GPM
  • Twice the life of the Green Coconut Filter
  • Great for well water
  • Bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in filter
  • Replace after 15,000 gallons

This replacement carbon filter uses KDF85 media to remove chlorine, chloramines, iron, hydrogen sulfide, violate organic compounds and heavy metals.

A nutrient lockout can be caused by several factors, including source water that is high in iron, sulfur, and other heavy metals; which can decrease the yield and quality of the plants.

KDF85 replacement filters are available for all Hydrologic’s reverse osmosis and de-chlorinating filters.

NOTE – This product is used to purify your source water.

We recommend plumbing your carbon filter into your water source line to ensure that you’re using clean, de-chlorinated water each time you top-off your system.  For best results, look at your Tall Boy instruction manual and follow the filter changing schedule.

Check out the video in the Videos and Resources tab for more information on the benefits of KDF85 media filters:

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