23in Filter Brush with Support Ring


Extra solids filtration for the DIY’er. A good biofilter needs a lot of surface area with open spaces between for good aerated water flow. A high surface area is useless if the passageways are so small that water flow cannot penetrate.  The 23″ Filter Brush is great solids filtration for any shaped filtration tank.  Line up many of them together in rows to create a wall of brushes to collect large fish solids on the bristles and let clean water pass through.

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23″ Filter Brush with Support Ring

How the 23″ Filter Brush with support ring Works:

23″ x 4″ Filter Brush comes with a support ring on the end for easy retrieval, it can also be used to hang the brush in your filter chamber.  Use only a few brushes or several together in a filter chamber to filter out solids, depending on how the hobbyist wants to set up their system.  Clean brushes as needed with a hose in an auxiliary tank or outdoor space.

Product Details:

  • Comes with a support ring on the end for easy retrieval
  • The individual bristles are spiral wound to give a higher surface area
  • These filter brushes do not sag or droop over time like inferior brands
  • Add as many as you need to fill your filter tank

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