Water Quality and Bacteria Online Course


Dive in and learn how to properly manage and optimize your farm’s water quality. Learn how to establish and maintain a healthy population of beneficial bacteria that are the engine of a healthy and productive aquaponic system.



Water Quality and Bacteria Online Aquaponics Class

The water quality and bacteria online aquaponics class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course. This class will cover critical water quality parameters to monitor and how to adjust them so that you are maintaining the best water quality for your fish, plants and bacteria. The importance of your source water and common source water filtration systems are also discussed. The class covers how to properly initiate the nitrification cycle to get your system off to a healthy start so it is safe for your fish. You will learn about the role of bacteria and the many different types of bacteria that are present in an aquaponics system. Discover how pH, Temperature and Alkalinity among other key water quality characteristics influence your plants, fish and bacteria. Instructor led videos will show you how to regularly test your water using common water quality test kits. Learn how to look for dangerous levels of ammonia or nitrites that could be harmful to your fish and discover simple ways to help reduce those levels. This course also includes several additional resources that are downloadable once you have registered for the class. We hope you enjoy the course!

Module 1 Introduction to Aquaponic Water and Bacteria
Unit 1 Overview of Water Resource Downloads  - Preview  
Unit 2 Living Water and Recirculating Systems  
Module 2 Source Water and Filtration
Unit 1 Understanding Your Source Water  
Unit 2 Source Water Filtration  
Module 3 Water Characteristics
Unit 1 Temperature, pH and Alkalinity  
Module 4 Nitrification Cycle
Unit 1 Cycling Your System  
Unit 2 Nitrification  
Module 5 Water Testing
Unit 1 Water Testing  
Module 6 Bacteria (the good and the bad), Denitrification, Algae and Duckweed
Unit 1 Forms of Bacteria and Denitrification  
Unit 2 Algae, Duckweed and More  

Click on the Link below to automatically download the PDF Instructions for accessing the online course [download id=”77788″] https://vimeo.com/412819706/8961b98902

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