Plant Selection and Management Online Course


Learn how to properly grow and manage greens, herbs, fruiting crops, microgreens and other specialty crops. Optimize your growth and yields, plan your crop rotation and maximize production in your farm. This course is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course.



Aquaponic Plants – Selection and Management

The Aquaponic Plants – Selection and Management online class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course. This course contains over four hours of important content on how to select, manage and optimize valuable crops in your aquaponic farm. Learn about the crops that work best in aquaponics along with crops that can be more challenging. There are a wide variety of crops that can be grown and each can have different requirements. Some crops may not make sense to grow for your farm business even if your customers are demanding them. Learn the importance of managing your crop rotation for consistent production to your customers. Harvesting and packaging considerations are also covered. Microgreens, herbs, leafy greens, vining crops and even root crops can all be grown successfully in aquaponics. This course comes with valuable resources and downloads to help you grow and maintain healthy crops.

Module 1 Plant Management Overview
Unit 1 Downloads  
Unit 2 Plant Selection Introduction  
Module 2 Crop Species Selection
Unit 1 Plant Selection  
Unit 2 Lettuces  
Unit 3 Leafy Greens  
Unit 4 Herbs  
Unit 5 Microgreens  
Unit 6 Vining, Bushing, Flowering and Fruiting Crops  
Unit 7 Specialty Crops  
Unit 8 What Not to Grow  
Module 3 Plant Operations
Unit 1 Raft System Crop Rotation  
Unit 2 Soilless Growing  
Unit 3 Seeds and Germination  
Unit 4 Seedlings  
Unit 5 Transplanting  
Unit 6 Cuttings and Cloning  
Unit 7 Greens Growout  
Unit 8 Harvesting  
Unit 9 Packaging  
Unit 10 Vining and Fruiting Crop Management  
Module 4 Plant Selection Course Wrapup
Unit 1 Crop Decision Making  

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