Aquaponic Components Online Course


In this online aquaponic class you will learn about all of the fundamental components that go into aquaponic farms such as fish tanks, filtration systems, aeration, pumps, heaters, plumbing parts and a wide variety of plant growing systems. 



Aquaponic Components Online Aquaponics Class

This online aquaponics class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course

Module 1 Aquaponics Components Introduction
Unit 1 Aquaponics Components Introduction  
Module 2 Fisk Tanks
Unit 1 Round Tanks  
Unit 2 Rectangular and Raceway Tanks  
Module 3 Aquaponic System Filtration
Unit 1 Aquaponic Filtration Principles  
Unit 2 Mechanical Filtration Principles and Methods  
Unit 3 Mineralization  
Unit 4 Biological Filtration  
Unit 5 3 Stage Filtration System  
Unit 6 Automated and Integrated Filters  
Module 4 Water Pumps and Water Flow
Unit 1 Pump Selection Considerations  
Unit 2 Total Dynamic Head  
Unit 3 Common Pump Applications  
Unit 4 Solids Lift Overflow (SLO) Concept  
Module 5 Aeration Systems
Unit 1 Aeration Concepts and Principles  
Unit 2 Aeration Equipment  
Module 6 Water Temperature Contol
Unit 1 Heating Principles  
Unit 2 Heating with Natural Gas or Propane  
Unit 3 Heating with Electricity  
Unit 4 Heating with Wood/Pellet Stove  
Unit 5 Heating with Geothermal  
Unit 6 Heating with Solar Thermal  
Unit 7 Water Chillers  
Module 7 Plumbing Components
Unit 1 Bulkhead Fittings  
Unit 2 Uniseals  
Unit 3 Flexible Pipe Couplers and Fittings  
Unit 4 Check Valves  
Unit 5 PVC Pipe Fittings  
Unit 6 Barb Fittings, Quik-Connects and Vinyl Tubing  
Unit 7 PVC cutting  
Module 8 Plant Growing Spaces
Unit 1 Deep Water Culture  
Unit 2 Media Beds  
Unit 3 Buckets, NFT, Vertical and Wicking Beds  
Module 9 Lighting Overview
Unit 1 Lighting Overview and Terminology  
Unit 2 Light Movers  
Unit 3 LED lighting  
Unit 4 High Intensity Discharge Lights (HIDs)  
Unit 5 Florescent Lighting  

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