Fish Health and Management Online Course


Raising healthy stress free fish is the key to a high functioning aquaponic system. Learn the best practices of fish husbandry including nutrition and feeding rates, species selection, quarantine, purging, water quality and more.



Fish Health and Management in Aquaponics Online Course

The fish health and management course is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course. This class will cover a wide variety of fish species commonly used in aquaponic farming.  Important water quality, feed and lifestyle characteristics for each species is discussed so you can determine which is the best species for your system and production goals. You will learn how to prepare your system for the arrival of fish and different ways to stock your tanks. How to transport, quarantine, feed, harvest, purge and package your fish is all discussed with both live farm videos and PowerPoint discussions. Throughout this course an emphasis on integrated fish health management is discussed in order to ensure that your fish are happy, healthy and producing your crops.

Module 1 Fish Husbandry Overview
Unit 1 Downloads  
Unit 2 Introduction to Fish Husbandry  
Module 2 Fish Species Characteristics
Unit 1 Tilapia  
Unit 2 Catfish  
Unit 3 Bass  
Unit 4 Koi  
Unit 5 Trout  
Unit 6 Other fish and aquatic species  
Unit 7 Fish Selection  
Module 3 Preparing for Fish
Unit 1 Water Quality for Fish  
Unit 2 Before You Get Fish  
Unit 3 Tank Plan and Stocking Density  
Unit 4 Quarantine and Cycling  
Module 4 Fish Transport
Unit 1 Finding a Fish Vendor  
Unit 2 Transporting Fish  
Unit 3 Acclimating  
Module 5 Fish Feeding
Unit 1 Feeding Fish  
Unit 2 Growout  
Module 6 Integrated Fish Health Management
Unit 1 Why Fish Die  
Unit 2 Fish Health Management  
Module 7 Purging, Harvesting and Packaging
Unit 1 Purging, Harvesting and Packaging  
Module 8 Summary
Unit 1 Summary  

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