AquaAeration Kit with 2 Outlet Pump


This kit includes an air pump, air stones, and tubing to ensure your fish have proper aeration. The kit’s components fit most two outlet pumps and when assembled correctly will provide adequate oxygen diffusion into a small fish tank or reservoir.

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AquaAeration Kit with 2 Outlet Pump

How The AquaAeration Kit with 2 Outlet Pump Works:

Simply attach each hose to the pump outlet and the other end to your airstones, and plug in the pump.

Aeration is provided to the water through the air pump, silicon airline tubing, and air stones.

Secure the aerator outside the tank on a firm level surface above the water level, in a place that it will not drop into the water.  Aerators will vibrate if not correctly placed, and can fall off a shelf or other locations.

The aerator needs to be placed above the water level to prevent water from siphoning back through the tubing and causing damage to the unit. The aerator must also have access to fresh air since that same air will be distributed through the silicon airline tubing, through the air stones, and into the water.

Cut silicone airline tubing to the desired length. Connect each section of tubing to the distribution manifold and connected to each air stone. Place air stones toward the bottom of the tank or reservoir.

Product Details:

Recommended for fish tanks up to 70 gallons

Aeration Kit includes:

  • One ActiveAQUA 2-Outlet Air Pump:
    • output: 7.8 liters per minute
    • super-silent with multilevel muffler
    • steady air flow output
    • freely adjusted pressure
    • low power consumption (3 watt)
    • comes complete with 120v, 4 ft cord
  • Two- 2″ (5.08cm) Air Stones:
    • Sinks to the bottom of the tank for optimal bubble distribution.
  • 8 Ft of Silicone Tubing
    • will never crack, harden or dry

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