AquaAeration Kit with 4 Outlet Pump


This kit includes a four-port ActiveAqua Air Pump, four air stones and silicone airline tubing. Everything you need to properly aerate your 50 – 100-gallon aquarium, aquaponic system, or hydroponic reservoir. Intended for indoor use.

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AquaAeration Kit with 4 Outlet Pump

How The AquaAeration Kit with 4 Outlet Pump Works:

Aeration is provided to the water through the air pump, silicon airline tubing, and air stones. The four outlet air pump is secured outside the tank on a firm level surface, above the water.

It is recommended to secure air pumps as vibrations can cause it to fall off a shelf or other location. DO NOT place the aerator into any water, or a place that risks falling into water.

The aerator must have access to fresh air since that same air will be distributed through the silicon airline tubing, through the air stones, and into the water. Cut silicone airline tubing to the desired length, long enough to allow each air stone to be placed toward the bottom of the tank.

Product Details:

Recommended for 50 – 100 gallons

Aeration Kit includes:

  • One ActiveAQUA 4-Outlet Air Pump:
    • output: 15 liters per minute
    • super-silent with multilevel muffler
    • steady air flow output
    • freely adjusted pressure
    • low power consumption (6 watts)
    • comes with 120v, 4 ft cord
  • Four small cylinder Air Stones:
    • sinks to the bottom of the tank for optimal bubble distribution
  • 20 Ft of Silicone Tubing
    • you cut to desired lengths to fit your project needs
    • will never crack, harden or dry

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