• Photo of packaged garden soft ties, green string wrapped around package
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    Gently secures plants. These plant ties are great for all yard and garden applications. Sturdy and durable ensure your garden plants get the support you want them to. Handy for home and garden use.
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    Perfect for securing plants to trellis netting, stakes, or other supports. Plastic coated for gardening and outdoor use. Perfect for securing plants to trellis netting, bamboo stakes, or other supports without damaging the delicate stems and plant tissue. The twist plant tie is plastic coated to gently secure plants and has it's own cutting tool built in to the dispenser.
  • Photo of pack of 50 white plastic plant markers
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    Never mix up your tomato varieties again. Our versatile 6" plant markers help point your way in a garden filled with different kinds of plants and vegetables. You can even use them to track your planting progress -- marking when you added certain seedlings and cuttings next to older plants. They're also reusable, write on them with a pencil and then erase and reuse.  
  • Photo of terracotta colored plastic plant clips that open on a hinge
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    These Mega Vine Clips work great to support your plants throughout their growth.  Simply clasp the clip opening around your plant stem and your trellis to gently secure your plant to its new support system.
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