Garden Soft Plant Tie – 26 ft


Gently secures plants. These plant ties are great for all yard and garden applications. Sturdy and durable ensure your garden plants get the support you want them to. Handy for home and garden use.

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Garden Soft Plant Tie –  26 ft

How Garden Soft Plant Ties Work:

The Garden Soft plant tie is 26ft or 8 meters long. It gently secures plants with a padded tie that will not cut into the stems.

Product Details:

  • Quick, easy, and SUPER strong. Perfect addition to any garden. Secure and guide all your plants
  • Wraps onto itself- No tying or knotting required!
  • Reusable, Durable, & easily adjustable. Much better and more convenient than wire and other forms of plant ties
  • Designed to blend in with the surroundings so your garden looks its best! Perfect for gardens, house plants, vines, tomatoes, peppers, trees, flowers and much more!

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