Aquaponic Greenhouse Planning Online Course


The Aquaponic Greenhouse Online course will cover a wide variety of considerations involved in planning your site and choosing your greenhouse. Learn about many different types of greenhouses, planning considerations, materials, configurations and environmental control systems which are critical to operating a successful aquaponic greenhouse.



Aquaponic Greenhouse Planning Online Course

This online aquaponics class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course

Module 1 Introduction and Planning
Unit 1 Link and Downloads  
Unit 2 Course overview and Greenhouse Planning Considerations  
Module 2 Business and Regulatory Considerations
Unit 1 Business, Land, Building, Customer and Accessibility  
Unit 2 Zoning, Regulations, Licensing  
Unit 3 Entitlement  
Unit 4 Permits, Inspections and Occupancy  
Module 3 Location Considerations
Unit 1 Location Considerations and Master Planning  
Unit 2 Greenhouse Orientation  
Unit 3 Soils and Drainage  
Unit 4 Utilities and Water  
Unit 5 Transportation Security and Other Considerations  
Unit 6 Planning Case Study  
Module 4 Types of Greenhouses
Unit 1 Introduction and Benefits  
Unit 2 Selecting a Greenhouse  
Unit 3 Common Greenhouse Types  
Unit 4 Passive Solar Greenhouses  
Module 5 Building Materials and Considerations
Unit 1 Materials and Construction  
Unit 2 Flooring considerations  
Unit 3 Building Materials  
Unit 4 Greenhouse Coverings  
Module 6 Interior and Exterior Planning
Unit 1 Interior Planning - Bio Secure Entranceway  
Unit 2 Exterior Planning  
Unit 3 Head Houses  
Unit 4 Project Reviews  
Module 8 Environmental Systems
Unit 1 Greenhouse Air, Temp, Humidity, Microclimates  
Unit 2 Ventilation and Air Exchange  
Unit 3 Heating Consideration  
Unit 4 Cooling Considerations  
Unit 5 Controller Systems  

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