Dual Outlet Analog Timer


The Dual Outlet Grounded Timer can run two tank pumps in a typical 15 minute on / 45 minute off aquaponic flood and drain cycle. Also can be used to automate your grow lighting. Adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light.


Dual Outlet Analog Timer

Simply plug this timer into any outlet and then plug your lamp, pump, or other equipment into it for accurate timed operation. A 15 amp grounded timer is used to automate your pumps and lighting while adding convenience and encouraging productive growth with consistent hours of light/water. The timer is programmable with on’s and off’s every 15 minutes.

Product Details:

    • 15 Minute On/Off.
    • 24 Hour Cycle.
    • Controls 2 outlets simultaneously.
    • 15A/1725W
    • UL Listed

Dual 24 hr Grounded Timer Instructions

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