1in Inner Diameter Black Vinyl Flexible Tubing – 100ft


High-quality black vinyl tubing that does not let light in so you’ll have no issues with algae growth!   The 1″ ID Flexible Vinyl Tubing is so flexible that it can go anywhere.  Price shown is the price per 100 feet.


1″ Inner Diameter Black Vinyl Flexible Vinyl Tubing – 100′

How the 1″ Inner Diameter Black Flexible Vinyl Tubing – 100′ works:

This flexible, vinyl, 1″ Inner Diameter tubing makes plumbing your system components simple.   Slip ends of the tube over 1″ barbed plumbing components to move water from tank to tank.  This 1″ Tubing has thick, black, opaque walls which eliminate the risk of algae growth inside your tubing.  Easily cut vinyl tubing to the desired length.  Tubing is shipped curled but straightens out as it is heated (sun or blow dryer).

Product Details: 

  • High-quality black vinyl tubing does not let light in so no problems with algae growth

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