Plug Tray Popper


Pushes plant plugs from an entire 128-count seedling start flat in seconds. Dramatically reduces your transplant operation time by eliminating the hassle of  pushing each plug out one at a time.

Pins fit any 1″x1″ bottom center hole. A perfect companion to our 128-Plug Seedling Trays.

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Plug Tray Popper

Gone are the days of individually pushing plugs from your seedling flat. This plug tray popper eliminates the time wasted by going one at a time. Now you can extract plugs from an entire flat in seconds!

Our popper makes transplanting effortless. Simply place the supplied rubber grommets on the corner pins. Place an empty tray onto the popper & press down firmly. Viola! Remove the plugs from the tray and transplant them to their final grow out space.

This tray can also be used as a dibbler-a tool used to make holes in soil or a soil-less growing medium for seed planting.

We’ve tested this popper inside of a commercial aquaponic greenhouse operation and the results were fantastic. The dramatic reduction in transplant time means you’re free to perform other important tasks around your greenhouse, farm, or garden!

How It Works

empty tray

One empty tray acts as a guide aligning the tray’s drain holes with the pop-up pegs.

Plug tray popper pushing seedling plugs out a tray

Your transplant-ready seedling tray nests inside of the empty tray. A gentle push on all sides of the tray simultaneously pushes the plugs upward without damaging their root structure.

plug in hand

Gently remove the plug from the tray and transplant it into your main grow out space or garden.


  • 1″x1″ pins – Fits any 1″ drain hole
  • Warp, moisture, and crack resistant
  • Made in Vermont, USA!
  • 128-Plug Seedling Starts not included

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