128-Plug Seedling Trays


Seedling starter trays that ship to you, ready to use right out of the package.  Our Seedling Starter Trays are pre-packed with a tested mix of coco coir, peat, and cellulose binder that fit directly into our raft boards and media beds. Widely used in the greenhouse and nursery trades, these trays are also ideal for starting cuttings.

Quantity Price Per Tray
1-10 9.95
11-30 8.95
31-50 8.35
51+ 7.95

-About Shipping and Price-  Shipping for this product is based on density. Due to the large dimensions and low weight of this product, shipping rates can be high.  For larger orders, please contact our office for a custom shipping quote. Bulk orders will receive the lowest shipping rates possible.


128 Plug Seedling Trays

How 128 Plug Seedling Trays Work:

These seedling trays are designed to germinate a wide variety of greens such as lettuces,  kales, chards, mustard, collards, and herbs. Their compact size fits perfectly in the raft boards, towers, and all media beds. The plugs are made with a combination of coco coir, peat, and a cellulose binder that ensures the plug stays together around the roots through the point of harvest. Seedlings grown in these plugs have a high germination rate, good growth rates, and don’t require any pH adjustment. They are also compostable making them environmentally friendly.  6mm dibble on top of each plug makes seeding a quick, easy process.

Use these to start seeds and then transfer them to bigger areas. Plant your seeds as you normally would with soil and water in each plug. Widely used in the greenhouse and nursery trades, these trays are also ideal for starting cuttings. Each plug has a drain hole in the bottom.

The size of these plugs makes them the ideal companion plugs for our raft boards.

Product Details:

  • 128 Cell Plug Trays
  • Each Cell Measures 1.19 in. Top Diameter, 2.0 Inches Deep
  • Each Cell holds 1.53 Cu. In. or .85 oz.
  • Made in Canada
  • Drainage holes in the bottom allow for top or bottom watering systems


Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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