Aquabundance Modular Home Aquaponic Systems

Grow your own food by raising fish and plants together in your home, school or greenhouse. AquaBundance Modular Home Aquaponic Systems are complete food production gardens that allow you to raise your own fish along with a wide variety of vegetables, greens, and herbs in a natural and biologically active eco-system. All systems now come with a battery backup air pump providing up to 8 hours of oxygen delivery during a power outage. 

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AquaBundance Modular Home Aquaponic Systems are complete food production gardens that allow you to raise your own fish along with a wide variety of vegetables, greens, and herbs in a natural and biologically active eco-system.

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Benefits of Aquaponics

  • Water Conservation – Aquaponic systems recirculate water continuously and require far less water per plant than soil-based agriculture. Water does not need to be fully flushed or even partially from the system, as is the case with hydroponics. Only small amounts of water (usually less than a gallon every few days) are discharged from the solids filter. This solids discharge can be further broken down in a separate aerobic mineralization tank. Read more about aerobic mineralization here.
  • Continuous Food Production for your family, neighbors, school, or business. The system is designed to produce fish and plants continuously year-round under assuming the proper environmental conditions for plant production. To learn more about how to properly cycle and operate an aquaponic system, check out our books, videos, and classes.
  • A Natural Eco-System – Aquaponics is inherently an organic system relying on natural bacterial processes to convert ammonia from fish waste to nitrates, which beneficial for the plants.  No harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals that are common in traditional agriculture and in some hydroponic system can be used. If it’s not safe for naturally occurring bacteria or fish, then it’s not safe for you.
  • Tremendous Growth and Yields – In a healthy aquaponic system, plants grow very robustly and fast as a result of consistent nutrient absorption, optimal water quality, temperature, light, and pH, among other factors. Your plants, fish, and environment require attention to function properly. Not all systems will perform alike due to differences in environmental conditions, management techniques, and water quality.
  • Fish Friendly – Fish are stocked at low to moderate densities to provide them plenty of space and good water quality (Usually 1 adult fish to every 5 to 7 gallons of water). There is no need to overstock fish. Overstocked fish tanks create poor water quality, excessive solid waste, and aggressive behaviors. Fish eat and perform their best when they are not stressed and overcrowded.

How the System Works

Nutrient-rich water flows from the 200-gallon fish tank to the Spiral Flow Filter. The filter collects the heaviest solids fish waste at the bottom of the cone for easy discharge into a 5-gallon bucket. The clarified water flows through to the scrub filter for additional solids capture and biological filtration before dropping into the sump below. A submersible pump at the bottom of the sump pumps water back to the fish tank and all grow beds simultaneously. The fish tank and each grow bed has its own independent flow control. A central AC/DC air pump provides aeration and oxygen delivery to the fish and plant system even during a power outage.

4 Bed Aquabundance Illustration with 2 media beds and 2 DWC beds. The Fish Tank is positioned to the left of the filtration system and grow beds. Please select if you want the fish tank positioned on the left or right of the filtration system when you place your order. This allows us to pre-drill your tanks inlet and outlet holes in the correct positions.

Key Features

  • Waist High Gardening – Plants, fish tanks, and filters are at a comfortable working height. No bending, weeding or tilling!
  • Media and Deep Water Culture Growing – The AquaBundance series allows you to combine soil-less media and deep water culture growing beds in the same system allowing for diverse crop production, optimal planting densities, and the ability to experiment with different growing methods. The Media Beds are ideal for growing fruiting plants (such as tomatoes and peppers), fruit trees, most greens as well as plants that prefer a drier environment (such as thyme and rosemary). Deep water culture beds are excellent for leafy greens, lettuce, and herbs.
  • No Cutting, Priming or Gluing – Most plumbing components are pre-manufactured in our shop. Plumbing connections are made with Quik-lock fittings or Fernco adapters when assembling the system. The plumbing literally snaps together
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Frame – Provides a professional finish and rust protection. Frames come in black by default, but a wide variety of custom powder coating colors are available for a small setup fee.
  • Modular Design and Simple Assembly– The modular frame allows you to create a system to best fit your space. The frame can also be configured in an L-Shape, or you can add on a Growasis Elevated Modular Raft System. Frames arrive ready to assemble with the supplied hex key.
  • Components fit through standard door widths – The largest item in the system is the fish tank. Whether you stay with the standard 200-gallon tank or upgrade to the 300-gallon tank, each tank is only 33″ high and can roll on its side through most standard door widths.
  • The Lighting and Trellis Rack matches the base frame and can hang artificial lights and allows for a place to tie off vining crops such as Tomatoes.
  • Custom Paneling Options Available – Wood finish or dry erase board panels (great for schools or keeping notes on) can be added to the frame to provide a beautiful finish to the outside of your grow beds. Please contact us if you would like a custom paneling quote.
  • Solids and Biological Filtration – The cone-shaped spiral flow filter captures solids a the bottom of the cone with a swivel mount valve for easy evacuation into a 5-gallon bucket. A secondary scrub filter before the sump provides another layer of solids and biological filtration.
  • Battery Backup Air Pump – All Aquabundance systems come standard with a variable speed AC/DC air pump designed to run for up to 8 hours in the event of a power outage. This gives you the peace of mind that your fish are still receiving the dissolved oxygen they need at all times.
  • Optional Fish Tank Window Kit – see recommended products at the bottom of the page. The window kit does not come pre-installed due to the potential for cracking during shipping.
  • Priority Support – We want you to be successful. Our home and farm system customers are our top priority, and we will help answer your questions as fast and as reliably as we can.

Included with your system

Fish Tank and Filtration System

  • A 200 gallon UV protected forest green tank comes standard (A 300-gallon optional upgrade is available)
  • A 15-gallon Spiral Flow Filter for solids filtration with a swivel mount bottom center drain.
  • A secondary scrub filter with Matala filtration mats
  • The 33-gallon sump tank is forest green, PE plastic, food-safe and UV protected.

Media Beds & Deep Water Culture Beds

  • Grow beds are 40″ x 40″ x 12″deep and come pre-drilled to accept the bulkhead fittings for the supply and return plumbing components.
  • Expanded clay pebble media is included with all systems based upon the number of media beds you choose.
  • The Deep Water Beds use the same size grow beds and come with custom fit Beaver Raft Boards.
  • The powder coated modular framing system manufactured to hold the total number of media and DWC grow beds you choose
  • Media guards, independent flow controls, and standpipes for each grow bed are included.

 All Plumbing Components

  • The system includes all the bulkheads, uniseals, PVC pipe, flexible tubing, and plumbing fittings you will need for your system.
  • The system comes with a magnetic drive submersible pump. The pump size is determined by the number of grow beds you choose
  • A battery backup air pump with tubing and air stones comes standard and will deliver oxygen to your fish for up to 8 hours during a power outage.

Startup and Management Supplies

  • API Master Test Kit
  • AquaStart – Startup Cycling Kit with instructions to establish your bacterial colony
  • AquaUp and AquaDown ph Adjusters
  • AquaIron 10% DTPA chelated Iron, for proper growth and development
  • System Assembly Instructions

Optional Components

One of the great benefits of aquaponic gardening is the ability to grow year round. If you are growing in your basement, a classroom or even in a greenhouse you will likely need artificial lights for optimal plant growth.

Full Spectrum LED Lighting Package – This high performance lighting system includes the ARC 600 watt full spectrum LED. The ARC 600 connects to the supplied light movers that mount to the Aquabundance Light Rack. The light mover slowly carries the light back and forth across the plant canopy for greater coverage. This combination allows you the most efficient lighting system possible, minimizing the number of light fixtures you have to purchase and reducing the cost of operation. The lighting system is specially designed to cover the number of grow beds you select when you configure your system. The lighting package includes all of the lights, light movers, surge protector, digital timer and all mounting hardware.

  • Efficient LEDs deliver more light using less power. Lower your energy costs or grow more with existing power
  • Environmentally sealed fans, optics & drivers make the ARC ideal for both indoor and greenhouse environments.
  • Designed with industry leading components, the ARC is rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use
  • The ARC uses 4 active cooling fans, keeping fixtures cool to the touch and the LEDs operating at ideal temperatures

Small boy Water Filtration system – This filter uses 2-part sediment and KDF-carbon filter to remove all chlorine, chloramines, and some heavy metals.  If using municipal water, or well water without addition filtration it is recommended that you get this or an equivalent filter. This filter is preferred over RO filters because it does not remove minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. which are essential to plant growth.

1000-watt Titanium Heater with Digital Controller-  Depending on your area, and species of fish you are raising, you may need a water heater. We have sized this water heater to work well for our small home system. The titanium stick is made to last and accompanied by our digital controller, they make the perfect pair to keep your fish happy and active!

pH, EC and Temp Monitor-  Never again have to test your water to know what the pH, Temp, or Electric Conductivity is, now you can keep an eye on your system with just a glance.

300-Gallon Fish Tank- Are you hungry for more fish, then upgrade your system to our 300-gallon tank (65″ diameter), these food grade and UV resistant tank are perfect for indoor or greenhouse applications.

Fish Tank Window Kit With our window kits, you will have everything you need to quickly install a window that lets you see how your fish are doing. Window kit includes 18″ x 28″1/4″ thick pre-drilled Lexan sheet, bolts, and washers,  nuts and bolts, and a foam gasket that seals the window to the tank.

Endurance 2000 Filtration Upgrade- To decrease the maintenance needed in yearly or bi-yearly clean out of your media beds, you can upgrade your system with this high-tech filtration solution. The Endurance 2000 acts as your biological and mechanical filter removing solids down to 50 microns. We recommend upgrading your filtration if you want to stock more than 1/3 lb of fish per gallon of fish tank water.

What’s Not Included with your system

We do not supply fish fingerlings. We recommend that you contact a local fish hatchery or supplier. Each state has different regulations regarding permissible species, so it is often best to visit your state’s department of wildlife or agriculture to get a listing of suppliers in your area. Once your system is fully cycled, and at the proper water temperature, you can safely introduce them. For more information on cycling and fish, please visit our FAQs page.

Seeds or starter plants should be purchased locally or from a reputable supplier such as Johnny’s seeds. If you purchase starter plants in soil, please gently rinse all of the soil off of the roots with lukewarm water before transplanting into the system.

Have Questions?

We know there’s a lot of information here. The Aquabundance Product Overview Page has additional information on the system. Please contact us directly to discuss your project, and we will help find a system that will best fit your goals and objectives.

Aquabundance Modular Systems ship via motor freight direct from our Colorado based warehouse to your destination. Please contact us directly at 303-720-6604 (option 2) so we can provide you a freight quote to your destination. Certain items such as the Endurance filter upgrade dropship from the manufacturer direct to your location for an additional shipping fee. Lift Gate – Please select the lift gate option if you do not have a loading dock or fork lift to unload the pallet from the truck. A lift gate on the delivery truck allows the pallet to be safely lowered to the ground. Freight companies charge an additional fee for delivery trucks requiring a lift gate.

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