AquaSprouts Garden – 29 Gallons


Grow garden-fresh food indoors all year long! The 29 gallon AquaSprouts Garden turns your 29-gallon aquarium into a complete aquaponic garden. This system is great for home or classroom use. Give your kids a hands-on approach by turning STEM subjects into great classroom projects!

Fits any standard 29 gal. aquarium and is made in the USA from durable birch hardwood.

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How The AquaSprouts Aquarium Garden Kit Works:

The AquaSprouts Aquarium Garden Kit is a sleek, modern design to complement your home décor. This simple, compact aqua-garden easily fits in any room. Made to fit over the top of any 29-gallon aquarium (sold separately).

The Aquarium Garden Kit is created specifically for beginners and those looking for an easy-to-use aquaponic system. The Garden doesn’t require any tools nor do you need any previous aquaponics experience.

A step-by-step guide is included to assist you with set up and maintain. Our team is also available to assist you. Please call or email us your questions.

Please note: The 29-gallon glass tank is not included and must be purchased locally

Included with this system:

Grow Bed, Light Bar & Birch Frame

Birch frame housing fits over the aquarium with the accompanying custom-molded grow-bed. Fits atop any standard 29-gallon aquarium approximately 30”L x 12”W x 18”H (not included).

Removable lighting mounts allow you to hang a grow light above the Garden and can be extended to accommodate taller plants. The light bar lets you use your Garden where there may be insufficient natural light. Grow light not included.

Pump & Smart Plug

The Garden kit includes a submersible 160 gallon per hour pump and a Wi-Fi app controlled smart plug (requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network) for controlling flood and drain cycles. Both include 1-year warranty.

Grow Media

Porous pebbles act as a mechanical and biological substrate, trapping fish waste and uneaten food while providing ample surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and convert the waste into nutrients for your plants.

Not Included With This System

Fish Tank

Grow Light

Fish Food

Water Heater

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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