AquaStart Aquaponics Combo Pack


This kit is designed to help you have everything that you need to get your system up and running! Start with our online course to learn about aquaponics right at home. Introduce beneficial nitrifying bacteria with our aquaponic cycling kit. Keep track of your water conditions with the API freshwater master test kit and digital thermometer! Adjust pH for fish health, stable water chemistry and to benefit the nitrifying bacteria.


AquaStart – Getting Started with Aquaponics Combo Pack

How the AquaStart – Getting Started with Aquaponics Combo Pack Works:

You’ve hooked up your fish tank to your grow bed…NOW WHAT? Most people don’t really know all the different startup supplies that they need to get their aquaponic system up and running. The AquaStart Aquaponics Combo Pack takes the guess work out of all that.

The AquaStart Aquaponics Combo Pack has everything you need to get all the way through system start up, less than purchasing these items individually!

Product Details:

  • Aquaponics Gardening Online Course with 5.5 hours of organized, fascinating learning content, 33 video/ PowerPoint “mashup” presentations, 17 “Diving Deeper” articles, and 2 Downloadable Handy Tracking Charts.
  • API Freshwater Master Aquarium Test Kit to monitor your pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels during system startup and beyond.
  • AquaUp and AquaDown pH adjusting solutions for maintaining optimal pH levels for fast cycling and for the health of your plants
  • Digital Thermometer to monitor the water temperature for the health of the fish and bacteria
  • Cycling Kit for establishing nitrifying bacteria and getting your plants off to a great start
    • Detailed instructions on how to cycle your system BEFORE adding fish. This technique, “fish-less cycling”, has become a favorite of aquaponic gardeners because it eliminates dangerous levels of ammonia and nitrites.
    • Powdered, soluble pure ammonia. No more searching for hard to find industrial products!
    • Powdered, soluble seaweed (same as Maxicrop or Seasol) to give your plants some nutrients to start off right
    • Data Tracking Chart so you can follow your system’s progress and spot problems early.
  • Microbe Lift Nitrifying Bacteria to quickly colonize the media and water column and ensure a safe environment for your fish to live.

Cycling Kit Instructions

Cycling Kit Instructions

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