Farm Marketing and Sales Online Course


Even the most well designed and managed farm won’t be successful if no one knows about your product. The Aquaponic Farm Marketing and Sales Online course will help you develop your marketing plan before you build your farm which will give you a huge head start.



Farm Marketing and Sales Online Course

This online aquaponics class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course

Module 1 Marketing Introduction
Unit 1 Links and Downloads  
Unit 2 Introduction  
Module 2 Products, Production and Pricing
Unit 1 Products and Services  
Unit 2 Production  
Unit 3 Pricing  
Module 3 Promotion, People and Proposition
Unit 1 Promotion  
Unit 2 People  
Unit 3 Proposition  
Module 4 Placement and Packaging
Unit 1 Placement  
Unit 2 Packaging  
Module 5 Profit
Unit 1 Profit  


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