Flourish Fish Farm 1200


The Flourish Fish Farm 1200 is a complete recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) ready to raise ornamental or edible fish. With the optional plant sump and mineralization tank, the system can plug and play into almost any Media, NFT or DWC-based plant growing system.

Easily add any of our Growasis Deep Water Culture Troughs to create a complete aquaponic system.

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Plant Sump and Aerobic Mineralization Tank

Additional tanks and components to transform the Flourish Fish Farm 1200 into a plant growing aquaponic system (see description below)

Fish Tank Window Kits (4)

Add a window kit to each fish tank. Windows must be installed on-site to prevent damage during shipping

Source Water Filter

Hydrologic Tall Boy with upgraded KDF85 Catalytic Carbon Filter and Float valve (for automatic water top-offs)

Startup Supplies Kit

1lb Ammonium Chloride & 1 gallon Nitrifying Bacteria (for fishless cycling), 10lb AquaUp, 1gal AquaDown, 500 mL Prime, API Test Kit, AquaNourish Combo Fish Feed Pack-50 fish, 36″L Fish Net, 8″ fine Fish Net

80W XFLO UV Sterilizer Kit

Helps to prevent algae growth in the water to maintain clarity. Increase food safety by eliminating harmful free-floating bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the water column post-filtration before it returns to your fish tanks and plant system. Includes all necessary plumbing and instructions.


The Flourish Fish Farm 1200 recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) has been designed by The Aquaponic Source as a turn-key 1200 gallon fish farm for small scale aquaculture. By adding on the optional plant sump and mineralization tank, the system can easily be adapted into a complete aquaponics system. This is an extremely flexible system which allows you to operate the RAS as a coupled aquaponic system with your plants, or as a standalone decoupled aquaculture system.

The Flourish Fish Farm 1200 Recirculating Aquaculture System

Production Estimates

  • Raise various fish species: Tilapia, Koi, Catfish, Trout, Hybrid Striped Bass, Bluegill, Perch, and more
  • Harvest capacity of up to 570-740 lbs of live fish per year
    • Assumes Tilapia in a four tank rotation with a max stocking density of adult tank of 0.5-0.65 lbs per gallon. Actual production can vary depending on species, water quality, temperature, and system management.
  • With the optional plant sump and mineralization tank (shown below) the system can grow plants such as head lettuces, leafy greens or herbs in deep water culture. Supports up to 855 sq ft of plant production


  • A PolyGeyser 6000 auto-backwashing bead filter, automating the filtration process and minimizing labor time. Aluminum backwash charge air compressor included
  • Four 300 gallon fish tanks with optional viewing windows
  • 55 gallon fish sump
  • Heavy-duty basket strainer and high-efficiency MDM Sequence water pump
  • All plumbing fittings included- Stick PVC pipe not included and must be sourced locally
  • Quiet, powerful, and efficient aeration system using Alita air pumps
  • Step-by-step Assembly and Operations Manual

Optional Plant Sump and Mineralization Tank Add-On

  • Independent 55 gallon plant sump with additional submersible water pump
  • 140 gallon Aerobic mineralization tank for waste digestion, creates a zero-waste system and boosts nutrients in plant system!
  • Danner Model 36 submersible water pump included for plant system water circulation
  • Can operate as a fully coupled or decoupled aquaponic system
  • “Plug-and-play” with any existing media, NFT or DWC plant system
  • Connects easily with any Growasis Modular DWC System
  • Independent fish and plant sumps allow for safe dosing and water quality adjustments for each system

Flourish Fish Farm 1200 With Optional Plant Sump & Aerobic Mineralization Tank

How it Works

  • When the system is decoupled from the plants, water flows from the fish tanks to the fish sump
  • Clean water is returned to the fish through an automatic backwashing filter which provides both mechanical and biological filtration
  • When coupled to your plant system, fish system water flows through the hydroponic plant system, providing nutrients. Cleaned water from the plants then returns to the fish system, and the process repeats.
  • A pump recirculates water between your plant sump and plant system
  • Fish solids removed from the filter can be naturally mineralized and converted to plant nutrients in the mineralization tank (Aerobic Digester)
  • The Aerobic Digester is connected to the plant sump-Simply open the valve to give your plants a nutrient boost. Nothing gets wasted!
  • The system is designed to never discard any water. All water is recaptured from the fish solids and introduced into your hydroponic system or used as nutrients for outdoor crops.

UV Sterilizer Upgrade

  • Optional XFLO 80W UV Sterilizer can be added onto the Flourish Fish Farm 1200
  • UV sterilizers are used to kill a wide range of potentially harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses
  • UV light is also a great way to kill algae in the water column and maintain good water clarity, especially in greenhouse environments with a lot of direct sunlight!
  • UV sterilizer upgrade comes with the required plumbing components to plug and play with the Flourish Fish Farm 1200 along with step-by-step plumbing and operations manuals.
  • Mounting hardware to support and secure the UV sterilizers to your wall or floor sourced at your local hardware store
  • It is recommended to replace the UV bulb once per year.  Replacement bulbs are available through our website.


Fish tank heights are 33″ above the floor. All components will fit through standard doorways.

Heating System

Have you been searching for a way to keep your fish warm and happy without taxing your electricity? Are you looking for an aquaponic heating system with off-grid capabilities? The AquaHeat is the latest in efficient natural gas or propane-fired heating for your aquaponic system.

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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