Locked-in Media Guard


Keep clay media out of your drains and stand pipes with our made-in-house locked in media guards! Strategically placed slits allow the flow of water to pass through into your drain while preventing solids from returning to and clogging your plumbing. Comes with two removeable stand pipes to adjust water levels.

The Locked-in Media Guard is intended for constant flow systems and is not compatible with bell siphon-orientated systems. 


What Is a Locked-in Media Guard?

For media-based systems, the locked-in media guard prevents clay media and other grow mediums from flowing into your stand pipe and drains. Slits run from the bottom of the 4″ PVC media guard halfway up the pipe to allow water to flow consistently without interruption or obstruction!










Using a 4″ flexible cap as its base, the cap is secured to the grow bed using a 1″ Banjo Bulkhead.








On the exterior of the grow bed, a 1″ PVC nipple easily threads into a 1″ PVC bushing for water drainage. The nipple is easily removeable to become compatible with your own plumbing configuration.









When fitted into the flexible cap, the locked-in media guard stands freely and securely to the base of your grow bed without leaning or falling over.







Included Components

  • 1” Pipe Sch 40 White PVC
  • 4” Knock out cap
  • 4” Flexible Cap
  • 1” Banjo Bulkhead
  • Premade Media Guard
  • 1” MPT x Slip PVC adapter
  • 1” threaded nipple x 2” long


Need media to fill up grow bed? Check out our Grow!t Clay Pebbles!

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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