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Configure Your AquaBundance Home or School Aquaponics System Here...


All AquaBundance Home Aquaponics Systems Ship via Motor Freight.  We will contact you with a freight quote after receiving your order.

Choose from 3 grow beds up to 8 beds using both Media and Deep Water Culture. A minimum of 2 media beds is necessary for biological surface area.

Systems will be shown in a lineal layout. L-Shaped systems are also possible. Contact our design team for a free layout to best fit your space.

Food production estimates are based on results from our own research along with yield data from other aquaponic and hydroponic growers. Actual results will vary depending on climate, light levels, feed rates, water quality, pests and system management among other factors. The estimates focus on a few common varieties fully planted in the system however you will likely have a wide variety of different crops in your system.


AquaBundance Modular Home Aquaponics System



Tap Water Filtration

Used to removed chlorine/chloramine from city tap water, making it safe for your fish, plants, and bacteria.

Water Heater

A water heater is essential for maintaining the proper temperature for your fish.

System Monitoring

In just one glance it clearly conveys all 3 critical parameters for successful growth: pH, conductivity, and water temperature.

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The AquaBundance Modular System is a complete home food production system that allows you to raise fish along with a wide variety of crops.

The Media Beds & Deep Water Culture Beds

  • The Media Beds are ideal for growing fruiting plants (such as tomatoes and peppers), fruit trees, most greens as well as plants that prefer a drier environment (such as thyme and rosemary)
  • Expanded clay pebble media included with all systems
  • The Deep Water Beds use the same containers and come with custom fit Food Grade Beaver Raft Boards. Great for high density lettuce and leafy greens.
  • Extra durable food safe, UV protected HDPE black plastic designed to never bow under the heat and weight of aquaponic gardening.
  • Interior dimensions – 12″ deep, 34″ x 34″ giving approximately 9 sq ft of growing space each
  • Exterior dimensions – 13 inches deep, 40″ x 40″
  • Pre-drilled to accept the bulkhead fittings.
  • Media guards, stand pipes and all plumbing fittings are included.

The Fish Tank

  • Extra thick, food-safe, UV protected forest green PE plastic designed to never bow.
  • The round tank shape, large volume, and tall sides create a healthy environment for growing large, edible fish.
  • Tanks fit through standard doorways with a 34″ wide or greater opening
  • A 200 Gallon tank comes with all systems and is 33″ deep x 55″ in diameter.
  • A 300 Gallon tank is available for an added charge of $100, and is 33″ deep x 65″ in diameter. (Contact our design team)
  • A Fish Tank Window Kit is Optional – see recommended products at the bottom of the page. The window kit does not come pre-installed due to shifting and potential for cracking during shipping.

 The Plumbing

  • We’ve included all the bulkheads, uniseals, PVC and plumbing fittings you will need for your system.
  • We use QuikLock plumbing fittings for easy connection of the pump to the growbeds
  • Magnetic drive, submersible pump. The pump size will be determined by the number of grow beds you choose
  • Four outlet air pump for additional tank oxygenation.
  • 20 feet of air tubing and four 6″ air stones

The Filtration and Sump

  • 15 gallon Spiral Flow Filter for solids filtration tank with bottom center drain for solids removal
  • Secondary scrub filter for additional biological activity and mineralization of solids
  • The sump tank is 40″ x 22.5″ x 26.5″, holds 70 gallons and is green, PE plastic, food-safe and UV protected.
  • The fish tank and all of the grow beds drain into the sump. A single pump supplies water to the grow beds and fish tanks


  • Digital tank thermometer
  • API Master Test Kit
  • Startup Cycling Kit
  • AquaUp, AquaDown
  • Aquaponic Gardening Online Course
  • 3D Assembly Instructions
  • Priority Support

Lighting system sold separately

Please contact our designers for the best grow lighting options for your system!

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