AquaBundance Modular 500 Gallon Fish Tank


The AquaBundance Modular 500 Gallon Fish Tank is a perfect solution for your medium-sized aquaponic system.  This extremely durable tank is made from food-safe PE Plastic and can grow between 83-167 adult fish, or 125-250 lbs of fish per year**.  The round shape is ideal for water circulation and the tank wall can be retrofitted with a fish window if desired.

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A full-sized 500 gallon fish tank to grow up between 83-167 adult fish, or 125-250 lbs of fish per year**  The tank’s round shape is ideal for water circulation, with no corners or “dead zones” for fish waste to collect.  With proper flow, solids will concentrate in the bottom-center of the tank.  Made from food-safe plastic so you never have to worry about degrading plastic quality or chemicals leaching into your water system.

Perfect for adding a Fish Tank Window Kit!

Product Details

  • Extra thick food safe, PE plastic designed to never bow.
  • Available in a variety of colors.  Contact us for more information
  • 33″ deep, 80″ in diameter, supporting approximately 500 gallons of water.
  • Features flat, recessed spot at the bottom for easy insertion of a drain spout
  • Made in the USA

Shipping Information:

In order for you to receive the lowest possible price on shipping we quote shipping on larger items like this separately. Once you have placed your order with us we will contact you with a freight quote. We will not ship your fish tank until you have paid for the shipping cost, which generally it runs between $175 – $300. If the cost is too high we will be happy to refund your payment for the fish tank.

**Assumes an adult fish weight of ~1.5 lbs, based on 0.25-0.5 lb/gallon stocking density

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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