PolyGeyser® Bead Filter


PolyGeyser Bead Filters use a self-automated gentle backwashing process that prevents clogging or build ups while keeping the biofilm intact. A static bed of beads both captures suspended solids and also provides a surface for the development of a healthy and effective bio filter. No moving parts, no electronics-just efficient solids removal and biofilm establishment in a system powered only by air!

PolyGeyser Benefits:

  • Automatic, air-triggered backwashing – these filters clean themselves
  • PolyGeyser has been tested and proven for over 20 years
  • Optional Airlift offers additional energy savings
  • Superior biological filtration with 1.5x Bubble Beads
  • The biofilm remains protected from frequent backwash cycles
  • Simple design has no moving parts to break
  • Water loss is reduced – only concentrated sludge is removed

We can dropship both the PG 6000 and PG 12000 models. If you are interested in either model of the PolyGeyser Bead Filter, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Air Compressor

It is essential that an adequate amount of air is injected into the PolyGeyser Bead Filters. We’ve specked the proper size air compressor for these models that ship directly with the filter.

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