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UV-C light is a natural, safe, and effective method for removing waterborne pathogens from your water supply that doesn’t leave any residual chemicals in the water. UV-C light is germicidal, meaning it kills harmful bacteria and reduces contamination in post-solids filtered water sources.

The UV sterilizer should be installed in the system plumbing post-solids filtration for maximum effectiveness.  These XFLO models use a 2″ inlet/outlet. 120V.


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Which Model Is Right For You?

XFLO UV Sterilizers Feature:

  • “L” Shaped flow pattern allows for better hydraulic mixing of incoming, post-filtered water. This virtually eliminates “dead” zones within the UV body and allows for more efficient UV Sterilization.
  • Unionized water ports. The 3” XFLO models are standard with 1.5” Unions while the 5” XFLO High Output models come with 2” unions.
  • Single ended UV lamp and quartz sleeve access. Makes for easy replacement of lamps and sleeves. You can now change or clean a quartz sleeve without disassembling the entire front end of the UV!
  • No twist lamp cable fittings. Remove lamp cables without the use of tools and prevents the cable from twisting while unscrewing, which could possibly damage the wires inside.
  • American-made UV lamps. XFLO standard and high-output lamps are made using hard quartz, coated, non-ozone emitting lamps. These lamps prevent “scaling” of lamp and quartz sleeves which inhibits UV light from penetrating the water.

Replacing the Bulbs

We recommend replacing UV bulbs annually as part of preventative maintenance. After one year, UV bulbs will emit at least 80% of their original UV-C strength. We offer replacement bulbs for all our X Flo UV Sterilizer models here. 

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