Deep Water Culture Raft Boards


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These lettuce raft boards are specifically designed for use in both aquaponic and hydroponic deep water culture growing systems. The boards are made with a Sealed Surface Technology® which resists water penetration and ensures durability and longevity.

Quantity Price per raft
1 – 24 $30.95
25 – 49 $29.50
50 – 99 $28.25
100 + $26.95


-About Shipping and Cost- Shipping for this product is based on density. Due to the large dimensions and low weight of this project, shipping rates can be high. For smaller quantities, raft boards are boxed in groups of 7. For the best shipping rate per board, purchase in increments of 7. For larger orders, please contact our office for a custom shipping quote. Bulk orders will receive the lowest shipping rates possible.

Bulk pricing discounts will be reflected in the shopping cart.

For orders greater than 21 boards please call 855-285-4252 to get the best shipping rate.

In stock


Deep Water Culture Raft Boards

How the Deep Water Culture Raft Boards work:

In a deep water culture (DWC) method, also known as the raft method or floating system. The Beaver raft boards are made from food grade polystyrene, and designed specifically for leaf green crop production.  In this style of growing, the nutrient-rich water is circulated through long canals at a depth of about 8 inches while rafts (usually polystyrene) float on top. Plants grown in various grow plugs, rockwool or growgrips fit into the raft board. The plant roots hang down in the nutrient-rich, oxygenated water, where they absorb large amounts of oxygen and nutrients which contribute to rapid growth conditions.

This method is the most common for large commercial aquaponics growing  leafy green crops such as lettuce, kale, chard, mustard, collards, basil, mint and most herbs. While  most aquaponic farms employee deep water culture raft based systems, rafts can also be added to extend the function of media bed aquaponic systems.

Product Details:

These deep water culture raft boards are 2’x4′ in size and have 28 holes per board which results in a fully planted density of 3.5 plants per sq ft. The boards are excellent for all leafy greens and lettuce production.

Your seedlings when grown in 1″ plugs fit directly into the 1″ tapered hole without falling through. No need for additional net pots with media and all of the time and mess of cutting holes into Dow insulation blue board.

We’ve been growing successfully on these boards at our aquaponics farm for years and they are simply fantastic! These will work great in any hobby scale or commercial scale system.

If you are looking for plugs that fit perfectly into these rafts, we recommend our 128-plug grow trays.

Resources are being developed from this product. Please contact us for more information.

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