Aquaponic Farm Production and Financial Planning Software


“This spreadsheet is fantastic! Really helping to give me the confidence I can make this all work.”

Version 7 is here! – Released 5/15/2022. See update description in the Video and Resources tab

Determining whether or not your farm business can meet your production, market and financial goals is now a lot easier with this simple to use spreadsheet tool designed specifically so you can create your aquaponic farm business and financial plan. Whether you are seeking bank financing, working with investors or just trying to organize all of your information, this tool is a must have for proper planning and due diligence. Works in both Imperial and Metric units.



How it Works – The program allows you to input a number of user-defined variables (blue cells) which are specific to your farm operation and business plan. The spreadsheet-based tool will then yield a variety of valuable reports, summary tables, and analysis that can be used for your farm business and financial plan. The program works in both Imperial and Metric Units.

Major features of the Farm Production and Financial Planning Tool Include:

Reports and Analysis – Once you have input all of the key data points, the tool will provide the following outputs: Four Year Pro Forma Income Statement, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Two year monthly cash flow, Executive cash flow summary, Annual, monthly, weekly and seasonal production summaries by growing system, Capital and working capital summary and much more.

Scenarios – Multiple revenue and net income scenarios can be easily made to show the best and worst case scenarios for your farm business.

Startup Capital Costs – Input all projected capital equipment, construction, greenhouse, supplies and other costs associated with business startup. Input any loan and term information to determine monthly payments if required.

Energy and Water – Input all equipment energy information including any greenhouse HVAC components, Aquaponic System equipment, Artificial Lighting, and auxiliary equipment, utility rates, equipment run times, gas and water consumption estimates.

Plant and Fish Production – Input the scale of the growing systems (DWC, Media Beds and Microgreens), planting density by species, by growing season, culture time, loss rate and other variables to determine specific production numbers. Input daily fish feed rates, stocking densities, number of tanks and other parameters.

Revenue and Cost of Goods – Input plant seed and media costs, how the product is being sold (by the head, lb, case, etc.), how the product is packaged and more to determine the variable costs per unit. Input the estimated sale price per unit to determine gross revenues. Input fish feed, fingerling restocking, and fish sale prices.

Startup Curve – Create a startup curve that allows you to realistically project lower revenues in the initial months as your business is just getting started and you are attracting new customers.

Farm Expense Categories – Straight from our own farm business chart of accounts we have provided worksheets for each expense category that connect into the 2 year cash flow and 4 year Pro Forma Income Statement: Plant and IPM Supplies, Distribution Costs, Water Quality Supplies, Nutrients and Adjusters, Office Supplies, Marketing & Advertising, Utilities, Labor, Employee Training, Insurance, Lease, Charitable Contributions, Bad Debt, Professional Services, Bank Fees, Debt Service.

Four Year Pro Forma and 2 Year Monthly Cash Flow Statements – Once you have entered in all of your key data points you will have a fully summarized financial pro forma and cash flow statement that is critical for obtaining financing for your farm.

Unlimited Support and version upgrades – We are here to help you. If you have any questions, issues or suggestions for improvements please contact us. If we perform a major version upgrade we will provide the newest version to all pre-existing customers.

Please watch the video below to learn more about how to use the planning tool. 



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