Aquaponics Immersion Training


Please visit our online classes page to view our currently available classes. Courses taught at our farms in Denver, CO are on hold due to Covid-19. We look forward to hosting in-person workshops again soon.    JD & Tawnya

This comprehensive two day course is an intense deep dive into the behind the scenes techniques and fine tuning we’ve spent nearly a decade mastering.

In this class, we go beyond core concepts and into the nitty gritty details of aquaponics. You hear our real life experiences, tried and true troubleshooting and system optimization tips that you will not get anywhere else.

You’ll experience everything hands-on from initial planning steps, a full system build all the way to harvesting fish and plants like the pros!

We offer group discounts when you select two or more participants.

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Aquaponics Immersion Training

More Info About the Aquaponics Immersion Training:

This comprehensive two-day course is a deep dive into all things aquaponic and more. In this class, we will expand on the core concepts discussed in the basics course. We provide you with tons of real-life experiences, scenarios, troubleshooting and system optimization tips

Our instructor team will take you through our entire process from initial planning to harvesting your fish and plants in 2 days. We will review all the components to build the Aquabundance Modular System. You can see exactly how everything works together in an aquaponics ecosystem.

Course Details:

Planning Your System

A discussion of your goals and objectives for growing food and how they will influence your space, system design, and budget. We will cover important considerations in planning and preparing your space for your aquaponic system

Designing Your System

A detailed discussion of important system design criteria and relationships both physical and ecological in the aquaponic system with the goal to create a balanced system that meets your goals and objectives

Building Your System

You will have the opportunity to review in depth our Aquabundance Modular system utilizing media and deep water culture beds along with plumbing the fish tanks and filtration systems.

Cycling Your System

Learn how to get your bacterial colony established and the important factors that influence a healthy system to ensure your fish and plants flourish

Managing Your System

Understanding how to maintain your system is critical for long-term success and productivity. We will cover all aspects such as seeding, harvesting, pest management, fish rearing, nutrient balancing and more

Scaling for the Future

We will look at important factors and system design criteria that will allow you to expand your food production into a small farm business

Behind the Scenes Tours of Our Aquaponic Farms:

We will take students on a behind the scenes tour of our two aquaponic farms only minutes apart in Denver. Each farm is uniquely different and we will review how the farms were designed, built, managed and how they are serving the community.


At any point in the future should you choose to purchase one of our AquaBundance Modular Home Systems we will credit the entire cost of the course towards your purchase.  (One class credit per AquaBundance system)
Cancellation Policy – Cancellations will receive a full refund up to two weeks before class. Less than two weeks before class the refund will be 50%. Less than 48 hours before class there are no refunds.  We reserve the right to cancel class if enrollments are low. If you are flying in, please consider purchasing a refundable ticket.


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