Project Description

Ouroboros Farm

12511 San Mateo Road – Half Moon Bay, California

Ken Armstrong owns and operates this beautiful facility with a front end market and retail space followed by three 6,000 sq ft greenhouse bays.  We worked closely with Ken to design a farm to maximize the bays while also providing comfortable amounts of circulation space for tours, workshops and other functions. Two identical systems run parallel to each other allowing them to raise different species of fish, run the systems under different conditions, and also to provide some redundancy in the event a system were to encounter problems. Each individual system has three 8’ x 120’ deep water culture troughs, six 2’ x 32’ media beds and four 1,200 gallon fish tanks.

Ouroboros Farms is currently producing lettuce, leafy greens, veggies, and herbs for their on-site farm stand, as well as supplying their local restaurant and corporate partners in the Bay Area.  Their system holds around 3,000 fish, and they’re currently growing a wide variety of produce, including:


Salanova Green Butter / Salanova Red Butter / Salanova Green Crisp / Salanova Red Crisp / Salanova Red Oakleaf / Salanova Green Oakleaf / Salanova Red Incised / Salanova Green Incised / Breen / Melot

Other Vegetables

Pac Choi / Tatsoi / Watercress / Lemongrass / Mizuna / Rainbow Chard / Collard Greens / Lacinato Kale / Green Curly Kale / Celery / Hearts of Fire / French Sorrel / Luffa / Garlic / Radishes / Tomatoes / Peppers


Ruby Streaks Mustard / Genovese Basil / Purple Opal Basil / Mint / Marjoram / Thyme / Cilantro / Parsley / Lemon balm / Aloe Vera